It’s a Leg & Under Butt Routine

10 minute BUTT LIFT 🍑💕 Shape your glutes, under-butt and outer thighs! All Standing Booty Exercises Workout Video on Youtube

Strong glutes are important for proper pelvic alignment, propulsion during walking and running, and even standing on one leg. The booty also help supports the lower back and helps prevent knee injuries. This is good as a pre-workout for runners who need glute activation, for people who have low back pain and want to strengthen their hips and glutes, and for people who sit at a desk a lot. This outer thigh and glute activation workout is also good for people who need to improve their balance and lower body strength. This is also excellent for golfers, tennis players, long distance runners, and cyclists. Of course, this will also tone your outer thighs and keep your butt lifted.

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