This is not what you think

This is about movement.
Life-Extending. Life-Giving. Liberating.

This is about endorphins.
Feeling high. Reaching high. Getting free.

This is not about size

If you want to lose weight quickly, fine. But this ain’t that.

Movement is the mission


At Fit & Hungry, we approach fitness as a lifestyle, not a means to an end. Our mission is to separate exercise from diet culture and celebrate what the body can achieve. 

When you focus on moving, when you optimize your movement, when you move, doors open. 

Meet Coach Angel

Angel Stone is the real deal. Her expertise, playful personality, and innovation have won her a devoted following, along with collaborations with Nike and Lululemon.

She has a Masters of Science in Kinesiology and 15 years experience. Her signature method is an amalgamation of movement philosophies designed to transform you from the inside out. 

Her goal is to help you feel more alive, confident, and free. When you train with Angel, you don’t become a better athlete. You become a better everything.

Meet Yourself

You deserve to find out what you’re capable of when doubt is no longer in the way.

Meet the Homies

By joining Fit & Hungry club, you become part of a family. You become one of the homies.

“Homie” is an American slang word with a positive connotation. It can refer to a person from one’s hometown or neighborhood; a member of one’s peer group; a good friend. It is associated with close bonds.

Workout Plan

exercise routine for first timers

workout plan & session with Angel

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