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Fit & Hungry is not your typical fitness brand. We approach exercise as a lifestyle, not a means to an end. If you want to feel good in your body, this is the place to be.

Nike Trainer to World Traveler

Hi, it’s Angel.

I’ve traveled more than 40 countries using fitness as a tool to connect and transcend language barriers. I’ve trained all kinds of bodies all over the world discovering the true power of community.

I match best with clients who have good vibes and great work ethic. A sense of humor is ideal – because I am hilarious.

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The best clients in the world

I create incredible workouts for incredible humans.

“Angel’s (eerie) ability to understand my strengths and see my weaknesses is incredible. She manages to create an environment which makes me excited to work out, with her sense of humor, patience, and support.”

“Angel brings out the best in everyone and works tirelessly to ensure you meet your goals. The feeling you get after her workout is indescribable. But if I tried? Breathless, sweaty, happy,….. invincible.”

“Angel has a way of saying “you matter” without actually saying those words. Sometimes it’s playing a song you once told her about months ago or her recollection of a random factoid you once shared that lets you know she’s connected with you beyond the workout.” 

“Angel pushes me to reach beyond my personal goals, while being intuitive enough to listen to my body. I am confident in her abilities and trust that everything she has me do is for my benefit.”