The Truth About Fitness


Bad back? Terrible knees? Stiff shoulders? You're not supposed to feel that way, homie. And you don't have to!


Maybe you don't want to run a 6 minute mile, but surely you don't want to be huffing and puffing up the stairs!


The diet industry wants you to hate your body. Don't believe the hype. Carbs aren't bad. Food isn't the enemy!

Your Favorite Coach

Angel Stone is the real deal. Her expertise, playful personality, and innovative approach to fitness have won her a devoted following, along with collaborations with Nike.

She has a Masters of Science in Kinesiology and 15 years experience. What sets Angel apart is her rigorous attention to alignment, and her heart. She desperately wants you to succeed.

Angel’s ultimate goal is to make feel you invincible, in and out of the gym. When you train with Angel, you don’t become a better athlete. You become a better everything.  learn more

Fitness Plans

“Angel pushes me to reach beyond my goals, while being intuitive enough to listen to my body. I am confident in her abilities and trust that everything she has me do is for my benefit.” – Alana Hill, Director & Choreographer

personal trainer for runners

Angel taught me to re-train my mental approach to racing and gave me a complete attitude overhaul. Any time I had self-doubt during our training sessions, Angel was quick to remind me of my power. 4 months after training with her, I crossed the finish line 9 minutes faster than any other marathon I’d raced.” – Tasha

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