Fit & Hungry is a global community creating magical moments through fitness.

This Is How We Do it

Fit & Hungry is not your typical fitness company. We don’t count calories and we don’t spend hours on the treadmill. 

We approach fitness as a lifestyle, not a means to an end.

If you want to feel good in your body and about your body, this is the place.

hi, it's angel

I’m a fitness trainer and coach. I work with a range of clients from entrepreneurs to artists to moms. I specialize in workouts that are effective and transformative. Training with me is about more than fitness. It’s about achieving all your dreams.

I match best with clients who have good vibes and great work ethic. A sense of humor is ideal – because I am hilarious.


  • Choose workouts that benefit YOUR body. Exercise is an act of self love.
  • Choose foods that fuel the moment. Salads for health. French fries for happiness.
  • Choose experiences that excite you. Adopt a kid. Take a solo trip. Write that book. 

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The best clients in the world

I create incredible workouts for incredible humans.

“The best pair of jeans can’t make your butt look as good as Angel’s booty workouts! Even my hubby is noticing a difference.”

“Angel brings out the best in everyone and works tirelessly to ensure you meet your goals. The feeling you get after her workout is indescribable. But if I tried? Breathless, sweaty, happy,….. invincible.”

“Angel uses downright ridiculous ways to motivate people. She gives everyone a great time, and does so with passion, authenticity, and grace. Her classes are a positive energy fest. I always feel like I’m at a party, and that everyone is VIP.

“Angel pushes you beyond what you thought you could do in the best way possible. As a woman, its very empowering to feel like you really can change your body, and make it stronger and healthier.”