fit and hungry tribe Fit and Hungry is not your typical fitness brand. We don’t count calories and we don’t spend hours on the treadmill. We approach exercise as a lifestyle, and we love food. 🙂

  • Imagine if you could get in better shape without counting calories.
  • Imagine if you could save more time and get more results.
  • Imagine if exercise fit easily into your hectic life.

All of this is possible.

Hi, it’s Angel!

I’m a fitness coach and personal trainer. I work with a range of clients from entrepreneurs to artists to moms. I specialize in programs that give better results in less time, without dieting. Every workout is backed by an advanced knowledge of the human body. And every exercise has a purpose. Your time is never wasted. 

If you’re not staying consistent and need motivation, let’s work together. I match best with clients who have good energy and great work ethic. A sense of humor is ideal – because I am hilarious.

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