"Training with Angel clears my mind, lifts my spirits, and gives me the confidence to take on the day’s challenges."

angel stone online fitness coach and blogger

“Angel is not only extremely talented and experienced in her line of work, but also motivational and passionate. You do not have to be the best but you have to give your best, and believe me, she will know when you are not giving 100%.” 

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“Getting out of bed at 5am seemed like no big deal when you were going to Angel’s class. The hour would go by so fast and you were ready to take on anything that day. Angel is amazing.”


“Angel uses downright ridiculous ways to motivate people. She gives everyone a great time, and does so with passion, authenticity, and grace. Her classes are a positive energy fest. I always feel like I’m at a party, and that everyone is VIP.”


“Angel Stone is a super human, eclectic mishmash of energy, drive, spirit, determination, and heart.”

"Angel is an amazing motivator, hard and soft at the right times."

Emily E.

“After just a few sessions with Angel, I have seen vast improvements in my stamina, muscle definition, and control. I feel more confident both in everyday life as well as in the dance studio.” 

best personal fitness trainer for new moms and triathletes
Deanne B.

“Angel is the bomb-diggity. If you don’t know what that means, Urban Dictionary defines the term as “totally the awesomest, no lie”. And she is, in everything she does.” 

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Sarah D.

“The best pair of jeans can’t make your butt look as good as Angel’s booty workouts! Even my hubby is noticing a difference.”

get in shape for wedding angel stone client
Dipali A.

“Angel is the best trainer I’ve ever had! She knows why we go to the gym and makes sure you are not disappointed and that you didn’t waste your time.”

Eliza B.

“It’s incredibly empowering and rewarding to see your body change because of the hard work that you’ve put in. Angel is there pushing me every step of the way.”

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“Angel has boosted my self esteem and changed my life!”

Tommy A.

“I have been a client of Angel’s for  over 2 years. During that time, with her help, I have lost 25 pounds and gotten into shape. I have also competed in and finished 2 triathlons.  What she does is way more lasting and deep to just be contained to finished races or pounds lost. Her goal is to make me a better me. She trains you to live a healthier and more balanced life. That is the Angel difference!”

Angie K.
Tech Mgmt

“Angel probably thinks I am stalking her. For the past 5 years, I have followed her through multiple gyms, sitting myself front and center for one of the best workouts I’ve had the privilege of experiencing. It’s not just the amazing music or the combination of humor and inspiration. She leads by example and makes you want to push harder for her as well as for yourself.”

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Tasha S.

“Angel taught me to re-train my mental approach to racing and gave me a complete attitude overhaul. Any time I had self-doubt during our training sessions, Angel was quick to negate this mental weakness. I translated this to my running. 4 months after starting training with Angel, yet again I stepped up to the starting line of a marathon. I crossed the finish line 2.5 minutes ahead of my goal, and nearly 9 minutes faster than any other marathon I’d raced.”

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Kim Hart

“About eight months before my wedding day, I realized that I would need help to resemble the brides on the covers of the magazines. In the beginning, I could barely eek out five push-ups or run half a mile without nearly falling over. But by my third workout with Angel, I was already feeling stronger. She was extremely motivating, always pushing me to go farther than I thought I could. Three months before the wedding, I could see huge changes—and so could my fiancé!” 


“Angel Stone pushes you beyond what you thought you could do in the best way possible. As a woman, its very empowering to feel like you really can change your body, and make it stronger and healthier.”


“Angel knows just the right moment to give you the encouragement you need to keep going, or a kick in the pants if you’re not performing at the level she knows you can attain.”

Lisa C.

“Angel Stone is completely different from the rest. She is a special person with a star quality only some possess. She is more than just a trainer. She cares about her clients and her clients care about her.”

Rachel W.

“Angel is a natural emcee who fosters an electric group dynamic. Somehow she manages to connect you to the other riders, she plays great music, she’s really funny, and she desperately wants you to leave having accomplished something.”