"Angel cares deeply about her clients and wants to see each and everyone grow and reach their fitness goals."

“Angel brings out the best in everyone and works tirelessly to ensure you meet your goals. The feeling you get after her workout is indescribable. But if I tried? Breathless, sweaty, happy,….. invincible.”
"With Angel's help, I have lost 25 pounds and competed in and finished 2 triathlons. She trains you to live a healthier and more balanced life. That is the Angel difference!"

“Angel uses downright ridiculous ways to motivate people. She gives everyone a great time, and does so with passion, authenticity, and grace. Her classes are a positive energy fest. I always feel like I’m at a party, and that everyone is VIP.” 

client review_rachel_angel stone

"My ass looks amazing. It's really remarkable. Buddha belly and rock hard cupcake butt - I'm great! Angel is the greatest! Get in here. Hire her if you need more support. JUST DO IT ALREADY."

client review saniah

“Angel is not only extremely talented and experienced in her line of work, but also motivational and passionate. You do not have to be the best but you have to give your best."

international spinning cycle instructor+angel

“Angel is a natural emcee who fosters an electric group dynamic. Somehow she manages to connect you to the other riders, she plays great music, she’s really funny, and she desperately wants you to leave having accomplished something.”

personal training client _ angel

"My virtual workouts with Angel were amazing! I’m a new mom so finding time to exercise can be really tough. Angel designed efficient workouts for my body. We got so much done in just thirty-minutes!"

angel client review tasha runner

“Angel taught me to re-train my mental approach to racing. Any time I had self-doubt during our sessions, Angel was quick to help me. After starting with her, I crossed the finish line 2.5 minutes ahead of my goal, and nearly 9 minutes faster than any other marathon I’d raced.”


“I’ve never experienced a fitness class so focused on the success of the whole group. I started attending Angel’s classes for the exercise, but the sense of community, humor and positive energy have kept me engaged and motivated.”

“Angel is the best trainer I've ever had! She knows why we go to the gym and makes sure you are not disappointed and that you didn’t waste your time."
client testimonial angel stone _ dipali
Dipali A.
"Angel’s (eerie) ability to understand my strengths and see my weaknesses, focus on them, and make me stronger, is incredible."

“Every once in a rare while, we find ourselves in the company of someone whose passion and work ethic are truly remarkable. Someone humble enough to dedicate themselves to elevating others. Angel Stone is someone extraordinary.”

“Her energy, knowledge and passion around fitness and the human body are incredible. Having the privilege to workout with Angel is one I will be forever grateful for as she has allowed me to understand physical fitness in a new light; mind, body and soul.”

"I anticipate her correcting my form in my head before she says a word out loud. I always start laughing and she knows why! Angel can become the voice in your head - just like she's the voice in mine."
Amy T.
“Angel knows just the right moment to give you the encouragement you need to keep going, or a kick in the pants if you’re not performing at the level she knows you can attain.”
angel stone international fitness instructor lululemon

“When you feel like your body can’t possibly handle anymore, Angel somehow–through her awesome music tracks and inspirational commands– manages to get you to tap into that reserve that only she seems to know you had all along.”

“The best pair of jeans can’t make your butt look as good as Angel’s booty workouts! Even my hubby noticed!"
coach angel client testimonial review
Ylan M.
“Angel pushes me to reach beyond my goals, while being intuitive enough to listen to my body and humorous enough to keep me entertained. I trust that everything she has me do is for my benefit.”
client review from a dancer
Alana Hill

"Angel is the most amazing natural spiritual guide fitness trainer! Yup, that's a mouthful. She helps you fully understand the mind body connection which enables you to reach your fullest potential. If you get the opportunity to train with Angel, take it. Your life will never be the same! And you'll have met an Angel ;)"

“Angel is the best thing that ever happened to me! I started going to Angel because age started taking over my body and I wanted to fight back. I am stronger and more fit now than I was in my 20’s! There isn’t a better trainer out there!”

client review_rachel_angel stone

“It’s not every day you encounter a trainer like Angel Stone. Her personal training pedagogy is a transcendent mixture of classical fitness movements and dance inspired gestures. Expect to get high; in heart and in air.” -Rachel Pearl

angel nike instructor dc fitness class

“Angel has this amazing ability to command an entire class but you feel as though she is speaking directly to you, pushing you, encouraging you to be your best. With Angel, I always felt success.”

"Angel goes deep. It's more than finished races or pounds lost. Her goal is to make me a better me."