"Angel goes deep. It's more than finished races or pounds lost. Her goal is to make me a better me."

CLIENT REVIEW from a runner

“Angel is a natural emcee who fosters an electric group dynamic. Somehow she manages to connect you to the other riders, she plays great music, she’s really funny, and she desperately wants you to leave having accomplished something.”


“Angel uses downright ridiculous ways to motivate people. She gives everyone a great time, and does so with passion, authenticity, and grace. Her classes are a positive energy fest. I always feel like I’m at a party, and that everyone is VIP."

“Angel is not only extremely talented and experienced in her line of work, but also motivational and passionate. You do not have to be the best but you have to give your best. She will know when you are not giving 100%.”

fit and hungry review jessica

"Getting out of bed at 5am seemed like no big deal when you were going to Angel's class. The hour would go by so fast and you were ready to take on anything that day. Angel is amazing."

angel nike instructor dc fitness class

“Angel has this amazing ability to command an entire class but you feel as though she is speaking directly to you, pushing you, encouraging you to be your best. With Angel, I always felt success.”

community fit and hungry club coach angel

"Angel utilizes her endless bag of tricks to humble you without humiliating you and in doing so she ensures that none of her students ever hits a plateau. This is Angel’s gift and thankfully she is willing to share it. "

client review from a dancer

“Angel pushes me to reach beyond my own personal goals, while being intuitive enough to listen to my body and humorous enough to keep me entertained. I trust that everything she has me do is for my benefit.”

fit-and-hungry-client-review-angel-stone-connection and community

"Angel has a way of saying “you matter” without actually saying those words. Sometimes it’s playing a song you told her about or her recollection of a factoid you once shared that lets you know she’s connected with you beyond the workout.”

client testimonial angel stone _ dipali

“Angel is the best trainer I've ever had! She knows why we go to the gym and makes sure you are not disappointed and that you didn’t waste your time."

client review from a triathlete

“Angel is the bomb-diggity. If you don’t know what that means, Urban Dictionary defines the term as “totally the awesomest, no lie”. And she is, in everything she does.”

angel stone international fitness instructor lululemon

“Every once in a rare while, we find ourselves in the company of someone whose passion and work ethic are truly remarkable. Someone humble enough to dedicate themselves to elevating others. Angel Stone is someone extraordinary.”