angel Stone

  • Masters of Science in Kinesiology
  • International Fitness Coach
  • Cycle Instructor of the Year
  • Nike Trainer

Specialty: Mobility, Corrective Exercise, Sports Performance, Fitness Consulting, Team Building

Angel Stone is the real deal. Her expertise, playful personality, and body positive approach to fitness have won her a devoted following, along with collaborations with Nike and Lululemon. She has a Masters Degree in Kinesiology and two decades of experience coaching all kinds of bodies, all over the world.

As a Nike trainer, Angel and her team led the largest workout in the United States. As a group exercise instructor, she was notorious for her sold out classes and epic music playlists. She was awarded Cycle Instructor of the Year. 

As an athlete, Angel has competed at the Team USA Duathlon, Toyota Triathlon, Men’s Health Urbanathlon, and races around the world. She is fascinated by what the body can achieve with the proper mindset.

Angel is also a writer and fitness contributor. Her advice has been featured in publications such as the Washington Post, Greatist, and Women’s Health.

When Angel is not deep in fitness, she is traveling the world. She has backpacked through 40+ countries, and tasted all of the ice cream!  #fitandhungry


about the blog


The fitness industry is saturated. You’re either confused or overwhelmed by all the information. Angel breaks down why you should do certain exercises, how to maximize results, and when to diversify.


The “hungry” in fit & hungry doesn’t necessarily refer to food. Angel loves the definition “having a strong desire or wish for something”. That could be quesadillas, good music, or love & happiness.

and more

Angel has traveled 40+ countries to find the best food, workouts and cultural experiences. From sustainable shops to dining experiences to fitness retreats, Angel tells you the best places around the world.