Why Fit & Hungry?

Hey Homie!

I’m Angel, a personal trainer and fitness coach currently living in Europe.

Regardless of where I am, my focus is clear: live a vibrant life fueled by quality movement, delicious food, and a supportive community. 

Fit & Hungry was created to fulfill this desire.

Move Better | Feel Better | Eat the Cookie

Fit & Hungry is on a mission to separate exercise from diet culture. We view fitness as a celebration of what the body can achieve, and we work hard.

If you want to feel good in your body, this is the place to be.

What is your education? 

I have a Masters of Science in Kinesiology and countless certifications.

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for more than 15 years training all kinds of bodies, all over the world.

I love witnessing people realize their potential.

What is your work experience? 

Nike Trainer; Kids Triathlon Coach; Fitness Consultant; Cycling Instructor; Online Trainer.

My expertise: rigorous attention to form and body alignment, sports conditioning, team building.

What is your athletic experience? 

There is more to come. This train is not stopping!

What will I find on Fit & Hungry? 

  • Workouts, recovery, training advice
  • Easy, delicious food options
  • Solo travel and global adventures
  • Talks on body image and self-sabotage
  • Reminders to “Keep Going!”

What else do you do?

Travel. I’ve solo backpacked through 40+ countries. I’ve seen the world, and jumped headfirst into the unknown. I have so much to tell you!

I also enjoy writing and critical thinking. My fitness advice has been featured in Greatist, Women’s Health, and the Washington Post.

angel solo travel

Hungry for more?

I see you. I love you. xo, Angel

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about the blog


The fitness industry is over saturated. You’re either confused or overwhelmed. Angel breaks down why you should do certain exercises, how to maximize results, and when to diversify.


The “hungry” in fit & hungry doesn’t necessarily refer to food. Angel loves the definition “having a strong desire or wish for something”. That could be quesadillas, good music, or love & happiness.


Angel has traveled 40+ countries to find the best food, workouts and cultural experiences. From sustainable shops to dining experiences to fitness retreats, Angel tells you the best places around the world.