"I don't want you to feel sore.
I want you to feel invincible."

the coach

From Nike Trainer to World Traveler, Angel Stone is extra qualified. With 10+ years in the industry, Angel’s knowledge, playful personality, and body positive approach to fitness have won her a devoted following, along with collaborations with Nike and Lululemon.

As a Nike trainer, Angel and her team led the largest Nike workout in the U.S. As a fitness instructor, her classes consistently sold out. In 2013, she was named Cycling Instructor of the Year. As an athlete, Angel has competed at the Team USA Duathlon, Men’s Health Urbanathlon, Toyota Triathlon, and Vietnam Half Marathon.

Angel’s fitness expertise has been featured in the Washington Post, Greatist, Women’s Health, and Active Life DC. She also serves as a consultant to startups and fitness studios.

the philosophy

  • Choose workouts that benefit YOUR body. Exercise is an act of self love.
  • Choose food that fuels the moment. Salads for health. French fries for happiness.
  • Choose experiences that both terrify and excite you. Adopt a kid. Take a solo trip. Start a passion project. Be whomever you want to be.

the art

Angel’s fitness method is deeply rooted in science, including her Masters in Kinesiology, NASM-CES, and countless certifications. Her workouts focus on quality movements that get results. (And she does it without making you do a million burpees.) The goal of her programming is to improve your physical health and your mental strength. She wants you to feel invincible!

When Angel is not in the gym, she is backpacking around the world. She has solo traveled 40+ countries, and tasted all of the ice cream!


the beginning

Launched in 2009 as a client newsletter, Angel Stone created Fit & Hungry because her clients and friends were always asking for fitness advice. She needed a reliable resource, but it didn’t exist. All of the messaging told women to hate their bodies and stop eating. 

Angel was not okay with that. 

Fit & Hungry was born.

the blog


There’s a lot of information out there so you’re either confused or overwhelmed. Angel breaks down why you should do certain exercises, how to maximize results, and when to diversify. She also tests workouts, retreats, and the latest health trends to help you find your way.


The “hungry” in fit and hungry doesn’t necessarily refer to food. Angel loves the definition “having a strong desire or wish for something”. That could be quesadillas, travel, or impact. Here, we’ll dive deep to find the thing that makes you do a happy dance.


Angel has traveled through 40+ countries to find the best meals, workouts and cultural experiences. She recognizes you can’t drop everything for long term travel so she always features gems like cool coffee shops, unique hotels, plus tips to maximize your time and money.