fitness master class angel

The F&H Philosophy

  • Exercise should be an act of self love.
  • Food is for fuel, and fun.
  • You don’t have to be the best but you have to give your best.

The F&H Workouts

Angel’s unique method focuses on movements that promote a balanced, strong, supple body. And she does it without making you do a million burpees! The ultimate goal of her programming is to give your body more freedom. She wants you to feel invincible.

The F&H Founder

Angel Stone is a world class trainer and sought after fitness instructor. She is famous for her intense workouts, playful personality, and body positive approach to coaching. With more than a decade of experience, she has taught thousands of fitness classes and trained clients around the world.

Angel has a Masters degree in Kinesiology, plus a discerning eye. Her ability to identify what’s holding you back, and fix it, is uncanny. But what Angel does cannot be contained to miles ran or pounds lost.  When you train with her, you don’t just become a better athlete. You become a better everything.

When Angel is not in the gym, she is backpacking around the world. She has solo traveled through 40+ countries to discover what connects us all. The journey.

Industry Experience

Angel has worked with the biggest brands in the industry. As a Nike trainer, she and her team led the largest NTC in the country. As an instructor, her group classes consistently sold out and she was named Cycling Instructor of the Year. As an athlete, she competed at the Team USA Duathlon, Men’s Health Urbanathlon, Toyota Triathlon, and Vietnam Half.

Her fitness expertise has been featured in publications like the Washington Post, Greatist, BYT, and Active Life DC. Angel also serves as a consultant to fitness startups and boutique gyms.