Standing Core Strengthening – Abs – Lower Back – Errectors – Obliques

These standing abdominal exercises can effectively work your entire belly without you getting down on the floor. You don’t need to do crunches and planks to get a flat belly and a strong core!

If you’ve never thought about working your belly and abs while standing, you should. This routine is way more effective than crunches because your core muscles aren’t just the ones you see in the mirror. They wrap all the way around your body. This standing workout from Coach Angel will work the ab muscles that stabilize and support your spine. This routine is also wonderful if you have a sensitive lower back. This won’t aggravate your back and most likely it will reduce the tension where you need it.

This standing flat belly workout is suitable for people who have low back problems, seniors, people recovering from an injury, anyone who lives in a small room or apartment. This is also great for people who don’t want to get on the floor to work their abs. This fit and hungry routine of abdominal exercises is also excellent for people who play golf or tennis. This will work your entire core region.

Great for Beginners Standing 💕 Core Strengthening – Abs – Lower Back – Errectors – Obliques

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