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These Standing Abs Exercises without weights is the perfect way to activate and train your core muscles without getting down on the floor. These abdominal exercises are versatile, effective, and easy to adjust to your level. Designed to train your core region and release low back pain, these 9 standing ab exercises are great for beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Standing Abs Exercises without Weights FAQ

What are the benefits of Standing Ab Exercises?

The core muscles play a crucial role in stabilizing the body during movement and helping maintain balance. Strengthening these muscles can enhance stability and reduce the risk of falls and injuries. Strengthening the core muscles helps support the spine and promotes better alignment and respiratory function, which means better breathing! Additionally, standing ab exercises without weights engage multiple muscle groups providing a comprehensive workout that improves your fitness and movement patterns.

How often should I do Standing Ab Exercises without weights?

If you have a weak core or haven’t been incorporating core exercises into your routine, try to work your abs 2-3 times per week. This amount allows your muscles to adapt and recover between workouts while gradually building strength and endurance. As your core strength improves, you can increase to 4+ standing ab exercises per week, if that’s your goal.

Workout Outline

  1. Frankenstein Lean Back
  2. Genie Knee Twist
  3. Standing Back Extension
  4. Knee Pumps
  5. Overhead Side Lean
  6. Wide Toe Touch
  7. Stationary Boxing
  8. T-Arm Twist
  9. Side Crunch

Frankenstein Lean Back

The frankenstein is a great standing ab exercise that targets your core region while also improving balance and coordination.

Targets: core, rectus & transversus abdominus, hip flexors, quadriceps

standing ab exercises without weights frankenstein

How To Do A Frankenstein Lean Back

  • Tighten your abdominal muscles to stabilize your spine and maintain proper posture throughout the exercise.
  • Lift your right leg far out in front of you and lean your torso back using your core muscles.
  • Repeat the movement, alternating legs with each repetition. Focus on maintaining control and stability throughout the exercise, keeping your core engaged.

Genie Knee Twist - Standing Ab Exercise Without Weights

The genie knee twist is an excellent standing core exercise that targets your obliques while maintaining spine health and improving balance.

Targets: Obliques, Core, Hip flexors, and surprise….Glutes!

standing ab exercises no equipment for back pain relief

How To Do A Genie Knee Twist

  • Hands infront of you in a genie position. Put all of your weight onto your right leg as you lift and lower your left knee. Twist your upper body towards the lifted knee.
  • Repeat on the other side. Focus on maintaining control and keeping your core engaged.

Standing Back Extension

This is a unique standing ab exercise without weights. It improves core strength, and it’s excellent for improving posture and resetting the lower back.

Targets: core, lower back, rectus abdominus, hips

standing ab exercises without weights back extension

How To Do A Standing Back Extension

  • With a wide stance, lean back as far as you can. Think about pushing your hips forward.
  • Use your arms to open your chest by forming a goal post position.
  • Focus on maintaining control and leaning back to a level that is pain-free.

Knee Pumps - Standing Ab Exercise

This standing ab exercises using no equipment trains the rectus abdominus and is also a great form of low impact cardio. If you do this effectively, you’ll feel your heart rate increase.

Targets: core, obliques, lower abs, glutes, arms

How To Do Knee Pumps

knee pumps for standing ab exercises without weights no equipment
  • Put all of your weight onto your right leg as you lift and lower your left knee to meet your hands. Try to do this as fast as you can.
  • Focus on maintaining control and keeping your balance.

Overhead Side Lean

The overhead lean is a great standing ab exercise to target the obliques while improving spine health and giving you a much needed stretch.

Targets: obliques, core, love handles, shoulders

standing ab exercises for obliques no equipment

How To Do The Overhead Side Lean

  • Get in a wide stance. Take your arm overhead and lean your body to the side. Lean as far as you can with control.
  • Focus on maintaining control and try to straighten your arm.

Wide Toe Touch

This is an efficient standing ab exercise without weights that will target your belly region and improve the flexibility of your lower body.

Targets: transverse abdominus, obliques, hamstrings

standing abs exercises toe touch without weights

How To Do The Wide Toe Touch

  • Get in a wide stance. Place your arms straight out to the side. Lean over and put your right hand on your left leg. Alternate sides.
  • As you get comfortable, try to reach further and touch your toes.

Stationary Boxing

Targets: obliques, core, transverse abdominus, shoulders

boxing standing abdominals exercise for core

How To Do The Stationary Boxing

  • Stand in a wide stance with knees slightly bent. Use your arms to punch across your body. Punch high and low.
  • Try not to twist your lower body. Focus on twisting your torso. Be intentional with each punch.

T-Arm Twist

This is a great core exercise to do while standing. I love this one because it also trains hip and spine mobility. It’s perfect to do in a standing abs routine but also throughout the day as a break from sitting.

Targets: obliques, rectus & transverse abdominus, hips, spine

t arm twist abdominal exercises without weights for back pain

How To Do The T-Arm Twist

  • Get in a wide stance. Place your arms straight out to the side. Twist your torso and your hips to the left. Pivot on your right foot so your legs turn to the left.
  • Be controlled and intentional with this movement to maximize effectiveness.

Side Crunch - Standing Ab Exercise

Targets: obliques, transverse abdominus, core, balance

standing core exercise for sensitive backs

How To Do The Side Crunch

  • Put all of your weight onto your left leg. Lift your right knee as high as you can trying to touch your right elbow. If you can’t reach, that’s fine. Just make sure you crunch over to the side to work the obliques.
  • Do this with control and try to maintain your stability.

Standing Ab Exercises without weights are a safe and effective way to strengthen your core. To make these exercises more intense, you can move faster or increase range of motion. Good Luck. I’m rooting for you!

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