Exercise snacks are short bursts of physical activity that can be incorporated throughout the day. These mini routines are designed to break up long periods of sitting, and improve your fitness. Benefits include: metabolism boost, stress relief, blood sugar management, increased flexibility and mobility.

Things to note:

Duration: 2-5 minutes. It can be a bit longer but not by much.
Frequency: Performed several times throughout the day
Intensity: Can be relaxing or intense.

I’ve created two mini workouts just for you. Save them. Most importantly, do them. 🙂

Exercise Snacks: Mini Workouts To Do Every Day

1. Gentle movement is not a waste of time.

For when you need a stretch, to relieve tension, to ease your mind, to heal.  Do 30-60 seconds of each move. Want to do it for longer? Go for it. Your body will tell you what it needs. This exercise snack takes less than 6 minutes. 

exercise snacks releasing tension and tightness - quick relaxing mini yoga style stretch routine_coach angel fit and hungry

2. Intensity is vital for great health - no matter your age or fitness level.

For when you need a push, to let off steam, to reenergize, to burn fat, to take it to the next level. Do 1 round of each exercise. You’ll be breathless (and finished) in 5 minutes.

exercise snacks - 5 minute intense mini workout coach angel fit and hungry

That’s all. Try them out and tell me how it goes. If you need a demo of the exercises, let me know and I’ll post it here. <3 coach

Angel has a M.S. Kinesiology and 15 years of hands-on experience. Her credentials include Cycle Instructor of the Year, Team USA duathlete, and Nike Trainer. Thanks for stopping by!

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