Summer is here – solo beach vacations, water adventures with the family, and poolside barbeques. I want you to be present for it, even if you want to cover up a little.

I’ve curated a small collection of swimwear options just for you. Simple lines, quality materials, fuller coverage. Designs that compliment you and make you feel comfortable.

Select a piece that feels like an extension of you. Something that lets you forget about your outfit and enjoy the moments of summer.

You are beautiful, baby! xo, coach

The swimsuits come in many colors and prints. I chose to show only black so you can choose based on style. All can be purchased from Amazon by clicking the photo. ***If you prefer to shop elsewhere, scroll to the end for other brands I recommend.

8 Flattering Swimsuits: Every Body Is A Beach Body

1. Highlights the Girls & Covers the Butt

2. Feminine Shoulders & Deep Neck

3. High Neck & Tummy Control

4. Sexy & Cozy

5. Pretty Tennis Vibes

6. Flowy & Feminine Body Positive SwimDress

7. Deep Neck & Hides the Belly

8. Long Sleeve Swim Shirt

9. Short Sleeve Swim Shirt

*I think mens shirts are more comfortable than womens. I will always choose a male or unisex cut for short sleeve shirts! Always.

10. Swim Skirt that Adjusts Up or Down

Body Positive Swimsuits from Other Brands

Land’s End. They have a great range of swim dresses. The price tag is higher but when you have a swimsuit for years, it’s worth it! Plus, they have high quality clothing and a good return policy. Link

Miracle Suit. They specialize in tummy control swimsuits and shapewear. They have a wide variety of styles to suit your personality, and lots of flattering designs! Link.

Final Thoughts

Until you’re able to look at your body from a neutral lens, find flattering clothing to wear.

Don’t let how you (currently) feel about your body stop you from enjoying the sunshine this summer!

sincerely, coach

Some more suits at different price points




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Prima · June 26, 2024 at 2:53 PM

You’ve got elegance! I like the simple, modest cuts and flowing material. Great for in or out of the pool!

    Coach Angel · June 28, 2024 at 7:21 PM

    You’re right, great for in and out of the pool! The flowing material is flattering and elegant.

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