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a client testimonial

Angel Stone is a wonderful friend and an amazing fitness coach. Angel has been in my life of mine for over 7 years. I first met her when I worked out with another trainer at the studio they both worked at. She was so positive with her clients and smiled as she tortured them :). I liked my trainer, but every time I went there I wished that I could switch over to Angel, but figured that would be awkward.

I was dealing with a lot of running injuries at that time and decided to start doing spinning classes at Gold’s Gym and tried to be a regular at Angel’s class. You could be extremely tired in the AM or have had the most taxing day at work, but once you entered her cycling studio you were in a new world. The class was always completely full and there was so much positive energy there. I would leave the class feeling amazing.

I finally got to work out with Angel when I went to her boot camp in Arlington, VA. As usual, Angel had a great following of girls and a few tough guys who attended her 6:00 AM class twice a week. Getting out of bed at 5:00 seemed like no big deal when you were going to Angel’s Class. I would even drive from my boyfriend’s house (now husband) in Reston, VA to Arlington to attend her early morning class. Her workout was fun and very hard at the same time. The hour would go by so fast and you were ready to take on anything that day. I feel that I was in the best shape of my life during this time. I really miss her boot camp and personal training sessions and hope to be able to get back there soon.

I could go on and on about Angel, but you should see for yourself. Angel brings positive vibes and builds a sense of community in her classes. She is an amazing woman and I wish I could see her more. I miss our runs, her making fun of me, working out with her, and her smile. Angel Stone is the best!

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