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I love yoga. It gives my mind relief and my soul space. I get to exhale. Ah.

If I had to qualify why I’m a yoga fan, I’d say it’s 38% physical, 62% mental and spiritual. Frankly, if yoga didn’t have hands at heart and namaste, I wouldn’t do it. I am not about to sit in a room of sweaty feet and sticky mats for a chaturanga. No, thank you.

But I’m not dumb. I’m a trainer with a Masters in Kinesiology. I is smart. 🙂 I recognize yoga as the greatest medicine for a body pounded and overused and under nurtured. You recognize it, too. Yet you’re always, “I need to do more yoga”. Why are you still SAYING it?!

I know.

For most people (self-included), yoga makes you feel inadequate. You can’t do the move like the teacher. Your ‘triangle’ is more of a wagon. And your ‘chatarangua’ is a body wave. You’re like a stripper who performs during off-peak hours.

The reason you’re not doing more yoga isn’t lack of money or lack of time. (You do crossfit and spin and watch netflix and go to brunch and scroll through instagram.) You avoid yoga because it highlights your flaws, whether it’s your inability to hold your leg in the air or your inability to stop thinking. Yoga is rough on the ego. That’s one of a zillion reasons why we, type A’s, runners, lifters, men, need to do yoga.

Today, I am going to share a few of my favorite yoga videos. From yoga for runners adriene to morning and power yoga, this selection has everything you need.

75 minute Core and Stability

For those who have a solid yoga foundation, you’ll appreciate this routine. It is long but it hits everything in a nourishing way. I like this because she is chill and knowledgeable. I also love her sequencing and her accent. 🙂

Yoga for Cyclists

Not only is this good for cyclists, this is good for runners and for people with tight quads. I love this video. I do it at least 3 times a week. It really works.

Chakra Yoga Flow

I love the gushy side of yoga. I love chanting and being connected to the universe and God and puppies in heaven. This video gives me that feeling. She’s not chanting or anything, but she has soul. She makes me relax and she’s creative and I believe her.

Yoga for the Morning

You should never feel strain within the first 10 minutes of a morning yoga class. Never. Thankfully, there’s Adriene. She’s cool. She’s gentle. And she’s an ‘every body is equal’ type, which appeals to my unyielding sense of fairness. If you wake up with a stiff body or a funky mood, this, and yoga for runners Adriene, will save you.

Yoga for Hips and Hamstrings

This is not strenuous in the form of cardio so don’t look at it as a workout. But it is very challenging and very beneficial if you have tight, inflexible hips. raises hand. Bonus: He has vibey yoga music which distracts you from the pain.

Power Yoga with Extra Flow

I think he’s a dancer. And it’s refreshing. He lets you flow and fly and be animal like. He might annoy you with the dragon references but its a small price to pay for his creativity and commitment. Bonus: This is a workout. It will challenge your legs and your balance. Not for beginners.

Angry Yoga

The video is 2 minutes, not 22. It’s brilliant. Please watch.


Here are a few more full-length videos that I do and, of course, recommend.

10 minute stretch for tight hips

I take you a through deep stretch for the areas I (you) need to work on. This gets you where you need it but I made sure to add restorative moves so you finish feeling better than ever.

Yoga for Runners Adriene

I hope you found a video you like. Yoga is very impactful for mental and physical health.

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