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Online Personal Training

It’s like traditional personal training where you meet at the gym. The only difference is that we meet online and I lead you through a workout via live video. You won’t waste time getting to the gym and you won’t waste time in a generic fitness class..


How much does it cost?
Rates start at $50 per session.

What happens during the workout session?
Each workout varies depending on the client. The focus can be strength, abs, conditioning, and/or mobility.

What software/hardware do I need?
You need a laptop or a smartphone. Sessions are held via Zoom conferencing. You also need excellent wifi speed.

What else do I need for the workout?
You need clothes. (Don’t you dare show up naked.) You need a mat or a thick towel for floor exercises. You do not need any equipment; I need to fix you first.

Are there any disadvantages to online personal training?
The only disadvantage is that I can’t physically correct your form. But it’s not a problem. I see everything!

What’s next, Angel? I’m ready to start now!
Fill out this form. After I receive it, we’ll have a consultation.

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