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Online Personal Training

If you’re not staying consistent or need an easier way to fit movement into your life, it’s time to hire an angel.

30 Minutes. Twice a Week. Guaranteed Results.

Online training is like traditional personal training except the workout occurs via live video, using Zoom. You can train with me from your home, hotel, or private gym. It’s convenient (no commute). It’s a time saver (train anytime, anywhere.) You get results.


How much is it?
Rates start at $45 per half hour session. Longer sessions are available for VIP clients.

How many days a week should I train with you?
2 or more sessions per week.

What times are available?
5am-4pm Eastern Standard Time. All evening slots (in EST) are full.

What happens during the workout?
It varies. We can do full body conditioning, strength, core, or mobility stuff. We do what you want (need) to do. 

What equipment do I need?
You do not need any equipment; I need to fix you first. 

What else do I need? 

  • laptop or smartphone
  • excellent wifi. If your wifi signal is weak, the session can NOT happen.
  • bluetooth headphones – if you’re in a place with background noise or other people. If you’re alone in a silent room, you don’t need an ear piece.

Are there any disadvantages to online training?
The only disadvantage is that I can’t physically correct form. But that’s not an issue; I see everything. Trust. 

I’m ready! How do I sign up, Angel? 
Fill out this form. After I receive it, we’ll have a consultation.


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Online Training Clients

best personal fitness trainer for new moms and triathletes

“Angel is the bomb-diggity. If you don’t know what that means, Urban Dictionary defines the term as “totally the awesomest, no lie”. And she is, in everything she does.”


My virtual workouts with Angel were amazing! I’m a new mom so finding time to exercise can be tough. Angel designed efficient workouts for my body type. She takes her work very seriously and if you bring it, she’ll make sure you get results.