Music is the source of my energy. It makes my head involuntarily nod and my feet do a soulful Riverdance. It drives me, inspires me, and calms me. On the worst of days, it whispers, “You can do it, girl. You’re not tired. This ain’t nothin’.” And I believe it.

Here’s a playlist to help you push beyond fatigue and to keep you going. (It also ends well.) I’ve included the song name, genre, and the physical activity that it suits best.

1. Heartless by Kanye West – midtempo hip hop; best for running a 8:00 min mile pace
2. Black and Gold by Sam Sparro – dance/electronic; best for anything (seriously)
3. Over and Over by The Chip – midtempo electronic; best for steady state cardio
4. I Want Nothing by The Black Ghosts – alternative; best for fast running or heavy lifting
5. Stand Back by Stevie Nicks – midtempo rock; best for easy running or lifting
6. Computer Love by Zapp and Roger – slow soul; best for sauntering in and around the gym

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