angelstone+fitnessThis workout addresses the common complaints of female clients: arms and butt.

Let’s start with arms. All of my clients hate their arms and all of their arms are different. Some have thin but flabby arms. Others thin and very toned. Some have big and fatty arms. Others big and super cut, extremely lean arms. And they all complain.

I want my arms to be toned.
Do you think my arms are too big?
I look like a man.
What’s this skin coming out of the side of my bra??? Look at it!

Most women don’t like their arms. I’m working to change that.

Now, the booty is simpler. Women either want a bigger butt or a smaller one. But there’s an issue not being addressed: the side booty. What’s that? It’s the fat on the side of your butt, incorrectly called “hips”. Hips are bones. Bones, people. If your “hips” get smaller or bigger, it’s because you lost or gained fat from that area. You lost or gained the side booty.

Most women don’t know they have side booty. I’m working to change that.

Here’s a workout that targets all of the above. I love you so much. -Angel


The Arms & Side Booty Workout
Pike Pushups 15 reps
Clam Shells 10 reps per side
Scapular Push Ups 15 reps
Side Lying Leg Circles 10 reps each direction, per leg
Hindu Pushups 10 reps
Fire Hydrant 20 reps per leg
Spiderman Pushups 10 reps
Kneeling Leg Circles 10 reps each direction, per leg

Instructions: Complete all reps of the exercise before moving on to the next one. Complete 2-3 rounds.
Editor’s Note: If you don’t think you have a side booty, send me a picture and I’ll gently break the news.

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ween · 03/23/2016 at 11:43 pm

oh my gosh. yes! can we do a one month challenge or something like we used to! Pleeeeease!

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