Last Saturday,  Team Eshe met at the Exorcist Steps in Georgetown for ‘Battle of the Sexes’. The competition involved different bodyweight activities to measure fitness.

They had to run stairs. Not just any stairs, the steepest outdoor staircase in D.C, the Exorcist Steps.


 They had to complete pushups and mountain climbers.

exorcist steps+teameshe

Then jump on a bar for chin ups.



Each person was responsible for logging their repetitions.

exorcist steps+record

I crowned winners for the individual activities. And I crowned the gender who completed the most repetitions overall. (Because the men were outnumbered, I took the average.)

Category Winners

Exorcist Steps
1st place: Sarween 25 rounds
2nd place: Tommy 23 rounds

Push Ups
1st place: Kyle 280 reps
2nd place: Kerry 265 reps

Mountain Climbers
1st place: Saniah 590 reps
2nd place: Haley 551 reps

Chin Ups
1st place: Kerry 96 reps
2nd place: Kyle 70 reps

Battle of the Sexes Winner?

Women. We won with an average score of 115. The men averaged 96. The men dominated on pushups and chin ups. But the women crushed the men on mountain climbers and stairs. It was a great event. We will have another battle in September. I have no doubt it’ll be a repeat championship.

If you like to join us, I hold free workouts every month. Send me your email if you’d like to be added to the list.


Michelle N. · 08/31/2013 at 4:49 am

Wow…looks like this was an awesome event. The Exorcist Stairs sound brutal. Congrats to everyone who participated.

Angel · 08/27/2013 at 4:20 pm

@Slomo. Your attendance is required at the next one. It’s such a pleasure to take names.

Slomo · 08/26/2013 at 9:49 pm

For the millionth time…I am so, so, so sad I missed this. This is what I live for. Way to go, ladies!!!!! Props to the guys as well – keep up the hard work, fellas, and maybe one day y’all will run like girls, too.

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