What It Feels Like To Leave Everything You Know

angelstone+lonely+travelblogI am in Asia. Bangkok, Thailand.
I left my family and friends. Indefinitely.
I sold my stuff. Everything.
I am alone.

Face your fears.
Face more fears.

I am outside my comfort zone.
Drawing outside the lines.

Nothing to lose.
Everything to gain.

This is my story.

No limitations.
No timeline.
No plan.

The plot keeps changing.

11 Replies to “What It Feels Like To Leave Everything You Know“

  1. @Tommy, you are correct. I’m learning a lot about myself. But dont’ you worry, the hilarious and inappropriate revelations are coming soon. Thanks for your kind words, Tiger.

  2. Good, bad, or ugly, you are definitely “Living Life”. I am proud, envious and motivated. Thanks

  3. @Jess. I miss you. I love seeing the pics of your beautiful baby! This an adventure. I hope you find the links helpful. Give the AB link to Johnny!

  4. @Ween. I’m going. Heck, I went! Thanks for being in my corner. I’m glad I did this but it makes something out of you.

  5. @Leah. Do not make me cry. Thanks for the support, Leah. I think of you and the boys all the time. Maybe you should send M over here. He would give these Thais a run for their money.

  6. @Aisha. Yeah, I decided that I’m going to be fully revealing on this blog. Gonna tell the good and the bad. I will check out the site. Well, I’m at least glad someone got to enjoy what I was looking for. lol

  7. Love this update! If you aren’t familiar with happyblackwoman.com I think you would like it. And of course as soon as you leave I found two yoga studios of the type you requested, lol.

  8. You are not alone. I am here with you. Though we’re far apart, you’ll always in my heart.

  9. you go girl! we are all still right here behind you. xx.

  10. I miss you! I hope that you are having an amazing adventure. Thanks for the links!

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