Today is Earth Day.  At your next opportunity, go outside, take a deep breath, and blow mother nature a kiss. We are lucky to have what we have. In honor of Earth Day, my plant-loving friend, “Lily”, posted about a campaign called Veg Week.

VegWeek is seven-day celebration highlighting the many benefits of choosing vegetarian foods—for our health, the planet, and animals—and thousands of people nationwide are taking the 7-Day Veg Pledge as a fun way to discover new and delicious meat-free meals!

Despite have a plethora of vegetarian friends, I’d never considered walking on the dark side, I mean, green side. I’m looking forward to trying something new and blogging about the experience. I, Angel Stone, take the Veg Pledge to be my lawfully wedded husband. For the next 7 days, I promise not to nag, complain, or whine. I will be the perfect wife.

Anyone else up for the challenge? At least for a day or two? If not, do me a favor. Say a little prayer for me and my precious lean muscle. I hope it doesn’t go away.