When you travel for 12 months, you meet hundreds of people. You hear their stories. You learn the details of their journey. They gloat about money saved. “You paid how much!?!”. You pick your jaw up off the floor. You ask the hows. With eyes wide open, you crawl into the world of travel hacking, the art and science of discounted travel.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a cash advance.”

Bouncing from country to country, frequently and haphazardly, I reunited with a forgotten weakness: my inability to find good flight deals. I used to search for cheap plane tickets by refreshing Expedia, rechecking it at an odd hour, then repeating those steps from a different computer. I thought I was beating the system. I wasn’t. I was spending more money and wasting more time – because I didn’t know better.

“Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn. You never lose.”

I became an eager student of travel hacking; I was a solo traveler with no income. I interrogated fellow travelers. I bookmarked the travel blogs. I interrogated the bloggers. As a result, I spent less money. Here’s a list of resources that will help you find the best travel deals and improve your travel experience. May you learn new tricks, and beat the system.  Love, Angel

Save money on flights, hotels, attractions, and food.

Book the cheapest flight possible.

The best apps for travelers.

Get a great hotel rate.

Maximize your airline miles and points. (for advanced travelers)

Guide to miles and points. (for beginners)

General Tips. From where to hide your money (chapstick container!) to using your phone without wifi.

How kids can eat for free.

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