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personal training with angel

1 Month of Personal Training

Guaranteed Results

Online personal training is like traditional personal training except the workout occurs via live video, using Zoom. I’ll send you a link then you log on from your home, hotel, or private gym. Your life will be easier and your results will be better. Guaranteed.


How often should I train with you?
At least twice a week

How long can I train with you?
One month. Use the Jump Off program to really JUMP OFF. This is your chance to break all mental and physical plateaus. By the end of our month together, you’ll be ready for the zombie apocalypse. 🙂

What times are available?
5am-2pm Eastern Standard Time. All other slots (EST) are full.

What equipment do I need?
Let’s not worry about equipment. I need to fix you first. 

How much is online personal training?
Rates start at $75 per half hour session.

Will I see results in 1 month?
Absolutely. Read the client reviews.

I’m ready! How do I sign up, Angel?
Fill out the form below. I can’t wait to “meet” you.

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