the best videos on fitness, success, intimacy, and having it all

img_5312Whether you’re looking for direction or need motivation to keep going that direction, this is for you. These are my favorite youtube videos on workouts, passion, creativity, job satisfaction, and fear. I watch these when I need motivation to stay on course. Sometimes we know the right thing to do but we just don’t feel like doing it. This will help with that.

the best videos on health, fitness, success, and intimacy

Shawn Stevenson is an incredibly smart, non-pretentious fitness guru (re: unicorn). He and Jade run a podcast aimed at your healthiest self. I looooove them.

I don’t know where Esther Perel came from but I’m glad she did. She helped me understand why relationships don’t last and what to do about it. Summary: Don’t get comfortable and be consistently desirable.

Lisa Nichols lost a TON of weight and that’s not the best part. She explains how storytelling connects you to a tribe and sets you free. #yesyes

I love having a reason to use “insouciant”. Seth Godin is insouciant.

If you discover the reason why people are drawn to you, you can discover your purpose. Marie Forleo is business for the soul.

If you’re frustrated, in a rut, or blaming someone else for your problems, Eric Thomas will redirect your energy. The problem is not outside of you…

Alright, enough self-help. It’s time for comedy.

One more.

I’m pretty sure I covered everything. What video resonated with you?