Do you want to run faster? Of course, you do. Whether you run for the fun or the glory, you want a return on your investment. For a better running experience and faster times, I’ve listed five tricks to give you the speed you need.

how to run faster angel stone personal trainer austin5 tips to Run Faster and Stronger

Lift More.

Runners love to run. They just run, run, run. That’s fine but for optimal health, you need to do non-running activities, like strength training. I’m not telling you to get swole; I’m telling you to get strong. Push ups, goblet squats, lateral step ups, these are your friends. These exercises improve strength, core stability and posture. They also help you run stronger. Win. Win.

Run Hills.

Flat roads lead to nowhere. Hills lead to green pastures. Doing hill repeats is hard work, and not always fun, but it’s worth it. Hill running improves your leg drive, leg strength, and aerobic capacity. It also makes your butt rounder, firmer, and more glorious. Who doesn’t want that?!

Train Faster.

If you want to get fast, as fast as possible, you need to do track workouts. Training at or above race pace prepares you for faster speeds. If you practice running a 6 min/mile, you increase the chance of running that pace in competition. Try these workouts: do 400 meter repeats, if you’re running a 5k-10k. Do 800 meter/1600 meter repeats, if you’re racing a half or full marathon.

Eat Less.

Your mileage has increased. As a result, so has your food consumption. For the genetically gifted, this is fine. For the rest of us, no bueno. It’s crucial to be conscious of how much you’re eating. When you increase mileage, it isn’t about eating more, it’s about eating the right things at the right time. Bagels and pasta shouldn’t be a daily occurrence. Save the carb-loading for race day.

Do Yoga.

Every runner should do yoga. A runner’s body needs pigeon, down dog, and triangle pose. Doing yoga soothes overused muscles and strengthens neglected ones. Search for yoga classes that cater to runners. Find a teacher who knows what muscles need extra time and extra love. You’ll notice a difference within weeks. Enjoy it. Namaste.

Each of these strategies will make you feel stronger and run faster. Race times will improve, injuries will decrease, and you’ll fall in love with running again. Implement one or two of these changes and email me when you get that personal record.

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