Angel Stone_christiannePhillipsThere’s a new sheriff in town. Revolve Cycle studio recently opened their doors in NYC giving cycle enthusiasts options other than Soul Cycle and FlyWheel. But this isn’t a competition; it’s how things should be. The more cycle studios the better. Having too many good classes to choose from is a good thing, people. It forces everyone to step their game up. I like the idea of that.

Revolve NYC is its own entity, with its own style and personality. The instructors are knowledgeable, creative, motivating, and welcoming. Christianne, pictured above, is the Master Instructor and the reason why I live. For the studio’s Grand Opening, I took a 4.5 hour bus trip to surprise her. When I walked into Christianne’s class, she screamed, then cried. It was perfect. I love that woman. Whether you’re in DC or NYC, come see us at Revolve. It’s worth every cent. I promise.