I’ve been traveling solo for more than 3 years. Cra-zy. Throughout this journey, I’ve had divine interactions and special friendships, only to say goodbye more times than I can count. No one told me travel friendships were designed to end.

Here’s how it went down the last time.

Bucharest, Romania. I am standing on the ledge watching a street party. She asks for the space next to me. We stand together. Strangers. Out of nowhere, there’s a downpour of magic sparkle dust. The next 4 hours are filled with laughter, dancing, and Chaka Khan lyrics. She feels familiar. I give her a nickname. She lets me be bossy. It’s happening again. Friendship.

travel blog taiwan itinerary angel stoneTravel friendships are unlike the ones you have in real life. You connect instantly and deeply. You skip the formalities and get straight to how your parents ruined you. You share meals, clothes, stories, and several rounds. Then it ends. Abruptly. They leave. You leave. Somebody always leaves.

black travel blog angels toneYou vow to reunite and relive the magic. But reunions rarely happen, because reunions require effort, and effort was never part of your relationship. Probability says you won’t meet again. This doesn’t devalue the experience or make it less real. It’s just the way it is.

travel blog friendshipsThe friendships you have on the road are fierce, intimate, and fleeting. Goodbyes are inevitable, and sometimes difficult. I know. But it’s part of the journey and you must appreciate the gift. Not everyone can say they were part of a magic sparkle dust storm. You are a lucky one.

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