quit job. travel world.

I quit my job, sold everything I owned, and flew to Asia.

There was no back up plan. No return ticket. No agenda.

You had a lot of questions.

Craziest food? Juicy dating stories? Favorite cuisine? Best beaches? Hardest part?

I wanted to tell you everything but I was busy experiencing it. My mind was blown on a daily basis.

I’m ready now.

This is the first of many episodes documenting 3 years of solo travel…

My name is Angel. I’m a nomad, a travel blogger, a runner, a coach, a seeker. I’ve traveled far and long.

I have no idea how this will end.

18 Replies to “quit job. travel world.“

  1. @PAQ. I love yaaaays. Stay tuned, girl. This next one is funny, and dramatic. xo

  2. @Mousumi, Thank you. There is more to come…

  3. @Ebby. Who da queen? You da queen. Let’s chat next week. Love. xo

  4. @Ginny. Girl, don’t do that. You won’t remember ANYTHING. lol. I miss you.

  5. @Lori. Lori! (screaming your name). When I return to the U.S., you and I are grabbing coffee. xoxo

  6. Love this. You are so bad ass. I wanna be just like you when I grow up. xoxo

  7. @TinaChris. The last five seconds are the only good part!!

  8. You know, I watched the last five seconds roughly fifteen times in a row! You funny! I miss you!

  9. I love this and I love you!!! Still inspiring and strong, thousands of miles away!!

  10. Such a beautifully put together video. I’m going to use 4 wine bottles to study from now on!

  11. I am so here for this!!!! Yessss Queen…

  12. @Jai. Are you kidding me?!? Of course, I’m going to tell the REAL story. People have no idea what it’s like. They think I’m zip-lining all day. No. No, I’m not playing with monkeys and running on the beach all day. No. I’m gonna tell all the truths.

  13. And no, no one ever describes what it’s like to be alone with you for days on end. Folks usually cover it with talk of how many people they meet, which is true. Will you speak of what it’s like to wander with only your inner dialogue? Will you speak of what it’s like to sometimes realize that you haven’t spoken deeply with another person in days? I’m looking forward to more truth on traveling solo, the parts that have been spoken of before and the parts that rarely gets talked about too.

  14. Loved your video! Can’t wait to see more!!

  15. Yaaaaay! I am excited and ready for the next installment.

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