40+ Awesome Workout Songs

Do you like exercising to music?
Do you want to be motivated to go harder?
If so, I’ve got what you need.

Introducing The Ultimate Workout Playlist

I’ve created a list of 40+ songs that will get you through every workout. With rock music to pump you up, hip hop to fuel the fire, and electronic music to keep you moving, this playlist has something for everybody. And, it’s free.

Voted Spin Instructor with the Best Music, I know what beats drive drills and what melodies drive souls. I’ve tested this playlist on thousands of people from various backgrounds. True, everyone doesn’t like every song, but every song works. This playlist is not based on what is trending. This playlist is based on what motivates you to move!

What’s Included?
A pdf list of 40 songs, identified by artist and genre. *Some songs have explicit lyrics. Please review each song before playing in front of children and sensitive listeners.

workout playlist angel stone fit and hungry

Get Motivating Music For Your Workout Playlist

Note for Instructors
If you are a fitness or cycling instructor, this is gold. With this list, you can create a ton of classes! Your only obligation is to fit the song to the drill. This list will save you hours and hours of time.  And if you’re an instructor you know how long it takes to create a single playlist. We are super heroes. Truly.