Part 2: Fat-free Fitness challenge

Challenge #2 

You ready to get lean?

For your next fitness assignment, you are to complete three of the following items:

#1. Do 30 x 1 minute sprints. This can be in the form of running, cycling, swimming, or any other cardio activity. How will this work?  Let’s say you go out for a 3 mile run. During that run, you are to sprint for 1 minute running as hard as you can. When the minute is over, you walk for 2 minutes (to catch your breath) or resume your normal running pace. That counts as 1. Once you’ve recovered, you do it again, running for 1 minute as fast as you can. You can do this drill on a bike, on the elliptical, or on the stairmaster. It doesn’t have to be running but it has to be hard! The idea is to work at a high intenstiy for 1 minute, take a 2 minute break and then repeat. You have to complete 30-1 minute sprints by the end of the week.

#2. Eat 8 green meals. A green meal is a meal that includes vegetables and a lean protein. Fruit and beans are acceptable additions. Vegetables must be present for the meal to count. No other items can be present an hour before or after that meal. (Yes, I’m putting the hammer down.) Same restrictions apply: no grains, no cheese, nothing fried or breaded. Examples of acceptable meals would be an egg omelet with spinach, a salad with black beans, or mixed veggie medley with fish.

#3. Do 180 squat thrusts with a  jump. Modification options in video.

#4. No eating after 10pm for 4 days.  The days do not have to be consecutive. If you must eat or have a late work dinner or something, the meal must be a green meal. No exceptions. And unless dessert is made up of vegetables, you can’t have it if it’s after 10pm.

#5. 100 Deep Reverse Lunge with twist per leg. Modification options in video.

You must complete a minimum of three of the items listed. For advanced people, try to do more than three items. Also, don’t pick items that are easy for you. This is a challenge. Do something that will make you better!

Okay, people, which ones are you going to do?

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  1. I completed geen meals, squat thrusts, reverse lunges with a twist and ni eating after 10pm. I tried, but did nit complete the 30 x 1 minute sprints. I will incorporate green meals, daily; 1 minute sprints un my cardio as mych as i can. I LOVE that i am doing this, it’s awesime. Thanks again Angel for being so generous with your time and advice!! And your motivational videos rock too!!

  2. Although I didn’t reach my original goal (completing all 5 challenges), I did complete 3 out of 5 … 1, 2, and 4. I’ve been sliding into my work pants with ease : )

  3. I did it! Completed #5 last night sorry for the late entry. Yeah Angel that’s the only way I can make it staying positive. Thank you again. I’m excited! I’m going to hate it when the challenge is over. : ( . Hopefully you will be encouraged to keep challenging us. Hint lol

  4. Btw, completed all 3. Felt great, and the interval challenge helped inspire me to create a new running plan for the winter/spring. Just ran 4 mildly hilly miles this morning!

  5. I have completed #2 and 4 still working on #5 (40 more to go). This week has been challenging for me but I’m hanging in there. My legs are like jello but its all good. Staying positive.

  6. I didn’t know you have always been crazy but I suspected it. However, it is hard to read your personility when I am usually gasping for breath and trying not to pass out or throw up when I am around you.

  7. @Quynn, I’m okay with the lunges being used at rest. The squat thrust jumps are not a resting exercise so I would not use it during your jump rope break. Either way, I appreciate your efficiency!

  8. Progressing well! I’m over half way done on #3 & 5, 20 more sprints to do which I have scheduled for Friday & Saturday (definitely feel those!). Haven’t eaten after 10 p.m. on any night. And, I tried the green smoothie this morning – excellent!

  9. Update:
    #1 – Done (except I had 1 minute for sprint and down time)
    #2 – 6 down, 2 to go
    #3 – Done
    #4 – After tonight it will be 3 down, 1 to go
    #5 – I plan to do 50 per leg tomorrow and Saturday

    So far, so good!! 🙂 My legs are trying to figure out what the H-E-double hockey sticks is going on! But that’s what I need to prep for this race – 29 days and a wake up.

  10. quick question is it ok to do the lunges and squat thrusts during your rest time from the sprint? My cycle is jump rope sprint, squat thrusts, lunges for 6 sets of 6

  11. 2, 3, 4, and 5 are well underway – I am hoping to do 1 as well but it will depend on if I manage to get my butt to the gym so I can run (Haven’t adapted to running outside in the cold and the dark yet ;-))

  12. 1) I am really impressed that the towel still makes it look like two separate boobs.

    2) I thought that nothing could be funnier than the photo with the veggies, but then you did squat thrusts with the stuffed bra and proved me wrong.

    3) I’m in for all 5. This is perfect cuz I’ve needed motivation to do track workouts, and #1 will force me to get to the track. After I stop puking from all those sprints I”m sure I’ll thank you. ES.

  13. I’m in for #1 (you know how much I loathe them!), #3, and #5. I skipped #4 because I rarely eat after 10 p.m., so it wouldn’t be a challenge. And even though I’m not formally doing it–since I didn’t do the green challenge last week–I’m fitting in as many green meals as possible this week, too.

  14. This week I’m going to do #2, #3 & #5… and I MAY try #1 if the previous other tasks don’t kill me.

  15. *slowly raises hand*…um, Ms. Stone, I’ve had 2 green meals and have completed #3…how-sa-neva, I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew!! Lol…I thought those 180 squat trusts (with the jumps mind you) would be easy…um, not! It took me all day doing them in sets of 20. And it didn’t help that I had a 6 mile run this morning (my legs are straigh cussin’ me out!). #3 is done. #’s 2 and 4 will be no problem. But doing #1 and #5…hmmm. Not so sure, I basically need to get them done by tomorrow because my weekend work schedule is nuts. *Takes a deep breath*…ok, as I am typing this it feels like a wimpy excuse AND since I am trying to impress the teacher and move to the front of the class then I reckon I best honor my word…smh. My race is one month from today. I think torturing my legs this week will pay off…we will c!

  16. Definitely not easy, but I wasn’t as sore as I expected to be. I’ve done a few modified squat thrusts today and they’ve been ok so far. My shoulders need a lot of work, so I’ll keep at it. Actually, everything needs a lot of work, that’s why I’m doing this. Love the smoothie…I’m hooked!

  17. I’m not touching the video with a 10′ pole. Sorry for the bad pun. I think you have finally snapped though. Just saying.

  18. I was wondering what was holding up that bag of mixed veggies. I just watched the video on my couch and laughed out loudly!!! Girl, you are something else!!!

  19. I guess it’s 1-3. But 3 is a not a challenge for me. 4 and 5 I can’t do right now because I am injured. I don’t even know if I can do #1 but I am going to try the bike tonight. I think I will try 250 pushups.

  20. The team and I are looking at 1-4. I was hoping that squat thrusts wasn’t a burpee 🙁 but okay, I’ll suck it up. LEGGO!

  21. @Ween. We are addicted to bread. It isn’t necessary and doesn’t really do anything.. Save the bread for the other meals. When you eat the salad, just eat the salad. Have the bread later, darling.

  22. @shannon. You better squat jump for your life. You said the lunges were easy last week so I think you should tackle this one. It’s an amazing exercise.

  23. @quynnm, Don’t waver, boo. Just do the best you can. The squat thrusts with a jump are amazing. It keeps the booty but erases the belly!!!!!

  24. @deanne. Some of the people who read this blog are young and single. Only you moms go to sleep before 10pm. 🙂

  25. Well since I was on vacation last week I will go for all 5. I will let you know how it goes…btw, Angel u r too much! I am sure that your smile does more for bringing me back than a towel ever could…but the extra “bra boost” doesn’t hurt. 🙂

  26. #’2-5, in the bag. Those squat thrust ruin my life but the reward trumps the pain. I’ll try #1, I ain’t no punk!

  27. I’m in! #1 and #2 will be the hardest, but I plan to do all 5. Thanks Angel! Seriously, though…people eat after 10pm? I haven’t done that since my young/single/college days :). I don’t even make it up past 10pm these days :).

  28. Here’s a question I’ve always had about the “no eating after X time rules”: I work midnights, so should I simply not eat within a certain amount of hours before I go to bed? Since I’m up all night, of course I have to eat. So, what should be my food cutoff time if I work from 11pm to 7am and have a bed time of around Noon- 8pm?

    Up All Night, Sleep All Day

  29. WooHoo, let’ do this! I will try and do all five, I am nervous and excited all at the same time. On your mark…get set…Go!

  30. LOL! If teaching women how to get fit AND stuff their bra doesn’t get them to come back, I dont know what will. Great video!

  31. Shooting for all 5 but the 8 green meals this week is going to be tough with all the holiday festivities already starting. I have a feeling my butt and thighs will be feeling the burn this week and I can’t wait!

  32. I’m new to the challenges, but I’m super excited!!!! Count me in for #’s 2, 3 and 4. Depending on the video, I think i may give #4 a go too. 🙂

  33. I’m in. I just need to know how to do them so i can get started. But definitely the meals And no eating after 10. My goal is to to them all.

  34. I am always going to aim for all of them…I know I am going to struggle with the 9 green meals! The bread at SweetGreen and Chop’t kill me…I will try grocery shopping 🙁

  35. *taps foot for video* Umm I need an explanation for number 1 boo, but pending that, I’m in for ALL. Let’s get it!!!

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