Picture it. Andre 3000 and Big Boi walk outside after a storm. They see a rainbow, spit some rhymes, and get lost in the magic of it all. Nine months later, a miracle happens. It’s Brogues.

The first time I saw her I was standing on stage looking out into the crowd. They were busy, or appearing to be, that ubiquitous awkwardness before cycle class. I turned to my laptop feeding a paranoia that hasn’t waned despite 10 years of teaching. Is it in high power mode? Is the background music set to blend into the track list? Is this my computer?!?

I get on my bike. That’s when I really see her. She’s stunning. I assume she’s new because of the wing tipped eye and the flower in her hair; no one goes to the gym looking like that. (Wrong! I was wrong.) 45 minutes later, she looks the same minus a spray of sweat lingering on her collarbone. She survives an Angel Stone workout and still looks stunning?!? wtf. Who is this?!!?

berlin female photographer striped pants outfitan interview with Brogues in Berlin

Who are you? A writer, a model, a unicorn???
I’m a social media manager/writer by day. I’m a lifestyle + wellness blogger, photographer and hand letterer by early morning/late night/weekend!

Is your blog for you or for the reader?
From the very beginning, I was keen to make my blog deeply personal, with the goal of it ultimately becoming valuable to my readership through osmosis. I want any growth to be organic, and for It’s Brogues posts to retain total authenticity – even if that means, at times, sharing difficult thoughts and feelings.

Reading a lot of blogs myself, I can immediately tell when something is written solely for external purposes, rather than being inwardly motivated – which no doubt works for some bloggers, many of whom are extremely successful – but it’s simply not my personal motivation. In many ways, I see my blog as a space to learn about myself, and the fact that people happen to read and hopefully get something out of it is an absolute bonus! It also means that rather than spending my time chasing vanity metrics and posting “what the readers want”, I’m able to focus on expressing myself entirely.

berlin female illustrator flower hairstyleYou are definitely an artist. Is it your hobby or are you paid to be an artist?
The lines are so blurry nowadays! I believe creativity is an outlook and approach to life; it can literally be applied to everything. In its conventional sense, though, I’m mostly a hobby artist with the occasional commission or freelance job – whether it’s with my hand lettering or photography work.

How would you describe yourself?
I’m an extremely determined, flowery free spirit with distinctive hair, dimples and a special focus on GRL PWR, positivity, and being the energy I want to attract.

brogues artist flower girl hair berlinWhat are some things you do to feel centered?
When it comes to weekdays, my little pre-work morning ritual is sacred. I treat my mornings as mini weekends, as I think it’s so important to prioritise and squeeze in quality “me time” before a long, screen-centric day at the office. I get up early (between 5:45-6am), work out (alternating between cardio, weight training and gentle yoga) and sit with a good coffee and read or write. That way, I arrive at work having had three hours of quality time and feel so much more prepared for whatever comes my way.

If you’re having a bad day, what do you do?
I’ve learned the hard way that, first and foremost, I absolutely should not beat myself up about having a bad day. Since I consider myself to be extremely upbeat and happy by nature, I’ve always had a tendency to try and snap myself out of feeling low – when actually, this only works against me: what I need to do is let myself feel the feelings and let them ebb and flow naturally.

Once I’ve given myself “permission” to feel as I do, I then proceed to be extra kind to myself throughout the day, treating myself to nerdy health foods and good coffee, listening to soulful music (Otis Redding is my go-to) and reading, drawing, watching films. A chat with my mum or sister always cheers me up, too!

avocado sweatshirt style girl in berlinIf you’re having a good day, what do you do?
When I’m in a particularly good mood, I literally squeal and buzz with happy energy and skip around all day – I jump out of bed, go for a run (via a playground to go on the swings and monkey bars), crank up the music, create all the things, hang with lovely humans and eat really good food and drink really good coffee. It’s the most simple of things.

What do you people assume about you when they see you?
So many people assume that it takes me forever to do my hair every day, or that it’s high maintenance, which to me – and people that know me really well – is hilarious. It literally takes me 20 seconds, at the most!

flower hair style berlin illustratorFor more on Brogues, visit her website for authentic musings, creative inspiration, good vibes, and custom illustrations. If you’re a music lover, her soundcloud gushes. She’s also on the gram. All photos are the property of It’s Brogues.