music for your playlist 2019 fit and hungry

Music Homies!

Before I get to the music, can we discuss how long my hair is getting?! It can turn itself into a full bun. Too bad half of that bun is split ends, caused by convenience store hair dye, bought in Ukraine. I couldn’t even read the box.

Moving on.

It’s time to update your playlist.

Whether you need background music for the commute or something uptempo to get through a workout, I have the goods.

From Chill to Hype

This is good for a pre-workout mood boost, or a light sway in your office chair. This also makes me want to join dance class again!

Dancehall-ish. Very hype.

This is Smino. He’s new on the scene. What do you think?

For running, cycling, and cleaning the house, Robyn always delivers.

Some hip hop no one told you about. This hits hard.


Maybe you’re on the plane, scrolling. Maybe you’re laying in bed, thinking. Maybe you’re making dinner, stressing. Choose this.

That’s it for now. I will post more music as it comes.

love // angel