I had phenomenal classes this week. My students are so consistent and hard working, it’s overwhelming. I get emotional over these people. Oh, there was one special highlight this week: Mike Green.

Yes, Mike Green of the Washington Caps came to my spin class! I was both honored and intimidated to have a professional athlete in my class. But there he was, right in the front row, sprinting like nobody’s business. He was focused doing every drill just as I asked. Part of me expected him to do is own thing. But that’s not Mike. Despite his success and popularity, he is a humble giant. After class, I thanked him for coming. He said, “You were inspiring. Right when I wanted to back off, you told me I could do it, and I believed you.” Whaaat?! To receive a compliment like this was whoa. It confirms what a great guy he is.

Now for the important information: Mike Green is happily booed up. His girl is sweet, talented, easy going, and beautiful. You’ll be okay. Cry into some Ben & Jerry’s then meet me in spin class. This too shall pass.

I hope you’re well. Any highlights in your week?