The Wednesday Workout Song is “Can’t Hold Us” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. The beat is hard to resist and its easy to go faster than you think you should. You can’t help it. This would be a great song to play at the end of the workout, when you’re dying, and having nothing left to give. Consider this a last resort song. Or if you like starting out with a bang, consider this a first resort.

This song is a mix of dance/pop/hip hop.  It’s hard to confine an artist to one genre. Most are aiming for mass appeal so the lines get blurred. Instinctively, I would call Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “pop”, because 1) it’s on the radio and 2) it makes me dance when I’m not supposed to. Macklemore’s PR people have the artist listed as “hip hop”. My hip hop heads would disagree. Vehemently. Hip hop battles aside, this song is high energy. You will dance like no one’s watching or run a super fast mile. I’m fine with either.

Now, go forth, and work it out.