By mid-afternoon, do you hit a wall? Do you feel more sluggish, more stressed or more likely to send a curt email to the co-worker who keeps asking dumb questions?  What do you do in that situation? Mutter “sweet” nothings under your breath, email your best friend about your dumb co-worker, or smoke crack/chocolate /potato chips in hopes of numbing the pain.

The lunch you eat (or don’t) could be contributing to the 3pm scowl on your face. You’d be surprised how much food affects mood. I’d wager that a subway sandwich plus a side of chips will not facilitate your quest for world dominance. (By the way, do you people still eat Subway? That motto “eat fresh” no longer applies. Have you seen the chicken? It looks like a light-skinned hamburger that was pressed between a set of leggos. But I digress.) I encourage you to play around with your lunch options. Eat something different for lunch and see if your 3pm demeanor improves.

What should I eat for lunch, Angel Stone? Don’t worry, lil’ rabbit, I’ll tell you.

Fitness magazine has listed 9 great lunch ideas under 400 calories. Many of these are Angel Stone approved. Some of the meals include Quinoa Chicken salad, Tuna Nicoise, and the Greek Yogurt Chicken salad (brilliant). To see how to make everything, go here.

Are you calm and classy at 3pm? If so, tell us what’s on your plate.

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FVR · 03/27/2012 at 11:00 am

Great ideas!!!

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