If you’d like to take a cycle class with me or join one of my bootcamp classes, here’s where you can find me:

July 2nd – 10am Revolve
July 3rd – 6am Arlington Bootcamp
July 4th – 8am Revolve, 9am Revolve; 1015am Revolve
July 6th – 6am Arlington Bootcamp
July 6th – 10 am Revolve
July 7th – 9am Revolve
July 8th – 1030am Biker Barre
July 8th – 5pm Golds Gym cycle
July 10th – 6am Bootcamp
July 11th – 6am Revolve, 10am Revolve
July 13th – 6am Bootcamp
July 14th – 9am Revolve
July 15th – 1030am Biker Barre
July 17th – 6am Bootcamp
July 24th – 6am Bootcamp
July 25th – 6am Revolve, 10am Revolve
July 26th – 730pm Revolve
July 27th – 6am Bootcamp
July 28th – 9am Revolve
July 29th – 1030am Biker Barre
July 31st – 6am Bootcamp


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Tommy Avent · 07/03/2012 at 2:35 pm

It looks like those 2 could use some Angel training. Just sayin’.

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