I used to be an endurance athlete. Now, I ride trains for distance. As a result, my hamstrings have died a slow death. Prolonged sitting is one reason. The absence of yoga is the other. When I was in D.C, I had a juicy yoga life. My friends were yogis. My teachers were extraordinary. And, there was lululemon.

Things are different. No more lavender-scented rooms. No more yoga dates. No more flexibility. Frankly, I am suffering. I get intense leg cramps every day. It gets worse at night: spasms. Lots of spasms. I whip out of bed. I slap my hamstrings. I stretch. A little more slapping, sometimes punching. I stretch again. No relief.

I gotta get back to what I know. No more excuses. Current Mission: save the hamstrings. I will start with these 10 essential yoga poses. Here’s a full tutorial. Don’t end up like me. Do that yoga.

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