This workout is a gut test – a test to see how hard you can push yourself. There’s no pressure to complete a certain number of reps but there is pressure to do your best. This workout is an excellent fat-burning routine. You will burn tons of calories bringing you one step closer to that sexy, lean body.

T Push Ups
AMRAP (as many reps as possible) (count the pushup as the rep)
Jumping Lunges AMRAP
Mountain Climbers AMRAP
Side Lunge w/ hip abduction AMRAP per leg
Squat Thrusts AMRAP

You will do 5 sets of this routine. For the first, second, and third sets, you are to complete AMRAP in one minute. On the fourth and fifth round, you are to complete AMRAP in 30 seconds. Thus, the first three rounds will take 6 minutes a piece. The last two rounds will take 3 minutes a piece- for a total workout time of 24 minutes. Record your reps. Your GOAL is to stay as close as you can to the reps achieved in the first round. Try to beat your best. If you’re truly working at your max, you should be breathless at the end. Lay it on the line!”

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