fun exercises for kids and families at home workouts

Online Workouts for Kids

To help children stay active during quarantine, Angel has launched YOUTUBE workouts for families. The P.E. class is a no-pressure, friendly environment for all ages.

Where is the class?

Describe the kid-friendly workouts.
These are 12 minute workouts with kid-friendly music. Great for the family to do together!

Why is Angel doing this?
Read her blog post.

Who is Angel Stone?

Angel Stone has 15 years of experience working with children both in the classroom and in the field. She is committed to developing the whole child, emotionally and physically.


Creative Movement Teacher, ages 2-4
Triathlon Coach, ages 9-13
Dance Teacher, ages 6-12
Girls on the Run Coach, ages 7-11
ESL Teacher, ages 4-11

Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology
Certified Nike Trainer
International Fitness Instructor