Things are crazy right now. Many of us are stuck inside without access to our usual workouts. Adapting to this new norm is essential. We must remain flexible.

If you’re looking for an indoor cardio workout, jumping rope should be on your list. It’s an incredible tool for cardio conditioning and fat loss. Plus, it’s portable. But there are many more benefits to jumping. You’ll want to keep reading.

quick jump rope workout beginners

Benefits of Jumping Rope

COORDINATION. Your eyes, feet, and hands must work together. You have to be steady and consistent. You must maintain the cadence and rhythm. This is coordination, my friend.

UPPER BODY TONING. The wrists and hands don’t do all the work. The shoulders and back are constantly working to control and stabilize the rope. This requires strength. The upper body is on!

BALANCE. To maintain constant vertical take-off, your body must re-establish balance. If you are off balance, you lose propulsion force and cannot jump again. Consecutive jumping requires balance.

JOINT FRIENDLY. If done properly, keeping the weight in the balls of your feet, jumping rope can be low impact. When I was recovering from a back injury, I jumped rope until I could run again.

jump rope workout for fat loss and glutes

What is a good jump rope workout?

Jump #1. This is for new jumpers and for people who need a quick routine. Here’s the full video.
Jump #2. If you are skilled, use this jump rope workout for fat loss and glute activation.
Jump #3. This is a middle ground workout for all levels. It’s cardio and abdominals.

*Click on the images to download the workout to your device.

How often should I jump rope?

If you’re new to jumping (or not proficient), I recommend 3 times per week using a combination of #1 and #3. Your calves might become sore so put at least 1 day between jump sessions.

If you can handle more volume, complete a jump rope workout 5 times per week using a combination of #2 and #3. You can do #1 when you don’t have no time for a long workout.

jump rope workout for fat loss and flat abs

If you’re looking for more cardio workouts, check out my treadmill routines. To keep your motivation high, check out my song recommendations. Keep going. Every workout counts. xo, Angel


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