Galvanize: shock or excite (someone), typically into taking action

Erudite: having or showing great knowledge or learning

Sassy: bold, full of spirit, cheeky
Lioness: a female lion

Today, I have an interview with Beth Risdon, the voice behind Shut Up and Run. She is an accomplished runner and a mother of two, although there’s no physical proof she carried those kids.  And she keeps it real. Her sharp humor makes you want to hug her and then throw her to the ground. But you don’t because you really like her. She is unabashed about who she is while still inspiring others to be their best. Beth is proof that age is a number, limitations are a mirage, and attitude is everything.

Gatorade Sucks, Wine Doesn’t: An interview with Beth Risdon of Shut Up and Run

Define runner.
 In literal terms: that moment when you break into a jog from a fast walk you are a runner. Any pace, any distance, any goal. In figurative terms: someone who is determined, disciplined and/or strong.

Why do you run? The endorphin release? The PR? The caloric burn? 
Running is a complete release for me. It brings me confidence and energy. It makes me feel strong and capable. Although part of my reason for running is to stay in shape, I don’t do it to lose weight. I don’t love every minute of every run. In fact, sometimes I hate it – when I am tired, sore, cramping or burned out. What I do love, however, is how I feel after every single run. Accomplished, productive and alive.

What’s up with the picture of you in the tub naked? I’m sure the male readers went crazy! I can see them now with their faces pressed to the computer screen playing scratch and sniff. Why do you torture them so? 
Scratch and sniff??? I wouldn’t recommend that! Being harmlessly provocative keeps people coming back. You have to walk that fine line and take risks. It keeps things interesting.

You are super lean. Hard work or good genes?
 A bit of both. My mom is thin and has a great metabolism, so I have that going for me. But to develop strength, muscles and endurance takes hard work. I don’t think you’re born with that stuff. I am very disciplined. I follow a strict marathon training plan and I incorporate lots of yoga. I throw in a triathlon race every now and then to ensure that I work on other cross training activities. I eat really well too – lots of whole grains and veggies. My vice? I drink a lot of wine and I’m not giving it up any time soon.

What would you improve about yourself? (Don’t say anything about your body because you look good and to say otherwise would make the women readers depressed.) 
My butt. Just kidding. I’m under strict orders to not talk about my body. I sometimes sabotage myself by caring too much what people think. If you read my blog, you may not believe that because I am brutally honest and expose myself on all different kinds of levels. But, in reality, I’m as vulnerable and fragile as the next guy. When you put yourself out there to thousands of people in a blog format, you’re going to get people who criticize you and want to bring you down. I would say for the most part everyone is incredibly supportive, but there is that occasional asshole. I try to shrug those guys off. Take in the positive, discard the negative, right?

On Motherhood
Rumor has it that motherhood is tough. How do you maintain both high mileage and normal children? 
Hey! Are you calling my children normal?? It is tough. It’s not all about you anymore. It takes a ton of balance. I am extremely high energy. Typically I will finish a long run of 16 miles before my children even wake up and know I’m gone. I try to not let my running interfere too much. The kids know it is a HUGE part of my life, however. We travel to races together and they have a deep respect for the challenge of the sport. They are both runners as well. Of course it is all about being organized in order to fit it all in. I stay on schedule big time and don’t deviate much from my plans.

Soon your daughter will be at the age when looks mean everything. Her friends and the media will pressure her to be a certain size and/or envy the people who are that size. What will be your message to her?
 Setting a good example is everything. I am NEVER on a diet. I NEVER talk about my weight or let her see me questioning if I look good enough. Kids pick up on everything. Even a small and seemingly insignificant comment about “pants being too tight” or “putting on a couple of pounds” can send the wrong message. The most important thing in our house is to nourish our bodies and take care of them. Moderation, not deprivation. This does not guarantee that she will avoid issues related to weight and body image, but it’s what we can do right now. I also am careful about the types of media she is exposed to including television.

On Music, Nail Polish, and Booze
If running distances were alcoholic drinks, what would a 5k be? What drink would a marathon be? 
Of course the 5k would be the tequila shot. Quick, strong and powerful. The marathon would have to be a sipping drink like brandy. You take it slow and easy, talking all the while. You start out too speedy and you pay for it later.

You’re in a race at the water stop. What do you choose? Water or Gatorade?
 I hate Gatorade and I’m pretty sure it’s given me the runs. During races I alternate a sport’s drink (anything other than Gatorade) and water. Sometimes I dump water on my head and drink the sport’s drink if I’m feeling sassy. One time I dumped sport’s drink on my head by mistake and I don’t suggest that. Water at aid stations is also good if you peed yourself while running and want to wash it away a bit. I don’t think, however, that this method would work with #2.

Do you paint your toenails? If so, what color?
 Heck yeah. I love a good pedicure. Right now they’re OPI’s Party in My Cabana Pink. Hands down OPI has the best nail color names.

Name three songs that put you in a good mood.
 Black Eyed Peas: I Gotta Feelin’
The Romantics: What I Like About You
Matt & Kim: Don’t Slow Down

If I run, do I have to shut up?
 Heck no. The point of the “Shut Up and Run” title is that you need to stop bitching and complaining and making excuses for not running and just get out and do it. If you’re already out there running, talk as much as you’d like as long as you don’t pass out.

The end.

Now that you’ve been inspired and entertained, go out and do something. Be active, be creative, be inspirational, be BOLD! And when you’re done, visit Beth at Shut Up and Run to keep the momentum going.

She’s the real deal.