Today, I was on twitter when Jim Smith of Diesel Strength wrote, “I’m tired of the music on my ipod. Who has some new bands for me? Something heavy to train with.” Well, I jumped on that. Not only do I love music, but my 7+ years as a spin instructor has turned me into a master at finding the perfect song for any mood, drill, or exercise. I dove into my ocean of files to find the answer to his problems.

I asked him if he wanted hip hop or rock. (Historically, these work best for inducing massive gains in the gym.) He said, “both”. I was full of gusto until I remembered I didn’t know him personally. His idea of rock could be Def Leopard or Mariyln Manson. His taste in rap could be anything from WuTang to Kanye to TwoChainz. What was I to do? I couldn’t predict his taste but I could do one thing: go with my gut.

I used the following criteria to create an intense workout playlist:
1. Did my lip curl like a Rottweiler?
2. Did I want to punch a wall, do a burpee, or sprint up a hill?
3. Did it make me feel empowered, motivated, and/or angry?

If a song received three ‘yes’ answers, it made the list.¬†Download the songs (pictured above) when you want to lift heavy, run fast, or write a complaint letter to the cable company. When you’re done, check out Jim’s website, he is a force within the fitness industry, well-respected, and well liked. Now, go out there and be amazing. Or I’ll get angry.

[*Note: 1. I misspelled Daughtry’s last name. And “Get By” is the title of the Talib Kweli song. 2. Most of the songs have explicit lyrics. Please download the clean version if profanity hurts your ears.]