You know you’re in love when there’s no place you’d rather be and you feel completely comfortable being yourself. That’s how I feel when I’m teaching fitness classes.

Teaching, like any relationship, is about give and take. When I don’t give my best, it makes it harder for my students to give theirs. The reverse is also true. When I don’t feel their energy, I don’t enjoy it as much. Relationships are more fun (and stimulating) when both parties give 100%. When that happens in my class, all hell breaks loose. Heads nod, mirrors fog, connections tighten, and we fall in love all over again. I’m not gonna lie, it’s intense. That’s why I love it.

My classes are for all levels but not all personalities. I used to have a hard time accepting it when people didn’t like my class. It tore me up inside. Now, I appreciate that everybody ain’t for everybody. It means there’s a piece of the pie for all of us. If you like to be nudged along, there’s an instructor for you. If you like country music, there’s an instructor for you. If you like being pushed to your limits and enjoy music on a cellular level, there’s an instructor for you: me!

Still not sure if we’d make a great team? Take this short quiz.

Do any of these apply?
1. I am willing to go beyond my comfort zone.
2. I value reciprocity.
3. I work hard.
4. I like it when you get into it.
5. I am willing to laugh at myself.
6. I understand that an inappropriate joke is just a joke.
7. I will try. I will always try.

If more than half of these apply, you and I will have a beautiful relationship.