How’s your posture? Don’t answer that. I already know.

Since quarantine, all of my personal training clients have complained about back and shoulder tension.

The transition from office life to working at the dining room table has taken its toll.

Even if you’re exercising in the traditional sense, you’re moving less.

You’re not walking back and forth to meetings. You’re not going down the street to grab lunch. You’re not taking the stairs or using public transportation.

It’s no wonder you feel stiff, or as my client says “heavy”. He feels ‘heavy all the time’.

Part of that is the state of the world, 2020 was heavy. The other part is an increased use of phones and computers – without breaks.

When you look down to use your phone or type on the computer, the back of your neck rounds. Because quarantine has you in this position longer, the back of your neck becomes “overstretched”. The same “overstretching” happens to your shoulders and upper back. This is why you feel tension.

Sitting isn’t great, but it’s not the only reason your posture is janky. You can have these same issues at a standing desk!

Starting today, I want you to focus on stretching your chest and the front of your neck. I also want you to do the following back exercises to increase blood flow, mobility, and strength.

These 3 exercises will sculpt the upper body, improve posture, and make you feel better.

Bent Over Row

This exercise will improve your posture by strengthening the back and opening the chest. Of course, you can do this with weights, but I prefer this method as I’m able to focus more on form and engagement and the squeeze.

Lateral Raise

This exercise will open your side body and bring blood flow to the shoulders. Training your upper body from all directions will improve posture and reduce upper body tension. 

Reverse Fly

The reverse fly will both strengthen your back and open your chest. If you do nothing else, do this! 

This exercise will solve many of your problems. Trust me.

I recommend doing 30 seconds of each exercise throughout your work day. Don’t wait until you feel pain. Make these moves automatic, the part of your day that keeps the heavy away. 

By doing this, you will increase blood flow, sculpt, and strengthen your back. And stop staring at your device for so long. Take a stretch break, homie.