the progress you can't see

This excerpt is from an article written by my personal training client, Emily.

“I had been focusing so much on my mental well-being. I knew I needed to also incorporate my physical health if I was to have any chance at becoming my full, complete self. Angel and I worked together in real life years — lifetimes — ago. Now we were across the world from each other, but are able to pick right back up […….]

I think back now to those first sessions. Not only did I want to throw up and give up in the midst of the workouts, but I was completely spent afterwards… I had trouble completing the exercises and felt defeated — felt that I would never reach the goals I had set for myself. Thank goodness I know better than to listen to my inner critic, and instead put my faith in Coach — knowing she saw something, and that she wasn’t giving up on me so I couldn’t, either…..

During one of our sessions last week (and six months after we started working together) she exclaimed, “Is that a tricep I see?!” I laughed it off. No way….. She’s just being nice. But then my internet got spotty and I froze long enough for her to grab a screenshot. And lookit! I have a tricep! And a proud Coach!

So often we set out on a path to accomplish something, and then we expect……….”

For her final thoughts, read the short story on Medium. It’s only a 3 minute read and she shares powerful revelations that will inspire you.

client emily for coach angel

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