Hey Angel. I know I’m supposed to drink a lot of water to lose weight and be healthy but I hate it. I usually force it down at the end of the day to get it over with. I know it sounds bad but I really, really don’t like water. Help!

You’re not alone. There are a lot of people who don’t love water. It’s tasteless for most, read: boring. Or, it has a taste that people don’t like.

Since your body is mostly made of water, you have to stay hydrated for optimal function, digestion, brain power, and energy. And yes, water consumption can help you eat less, too.

Even though you “hate” water, there is hope. I am going to share with you my current water alternative, and a few more at the end.

low calorie water alternative drink fit hungry

hibiscus tea: a refreshing water alternative

  • Brew the tea in hot water.
  • Let it steep and cool. ⁣
  • Once it’s at room temperature, strain the leaves. (I use loose leaf). If you’re using a tea bag, this step is not necessary.⁣
  • Transfer the tea to a jar or pitcher and place it in the fridge. ⁣All done!

The next time you’re craving juice or a lil sumthn sumthn, grab this cold beverage instead. ⁣It will keep you hydrated when you need a *cough water break. ⁣This is also great for kids – who seem to always want juice.

Why it’s Angel approved:
-It requires no sugar.
-It’s ALL natural. There are no weird ingredients.
-It’s pretty.

water alternative cold hibiscus tea fit hungry

other options

To stay hydrated when you’re not in the mood for water, these will help, too.

  1. Get bubbly
    Try sparkling water. It has a nice “bite” to it, and feels fancy. It still counts as hydration.
  2. Flavor flav 🙂
    Add a chunk of fruit (fresh or frozen), cucumber, mint, or a splash of juice. When you do this, you’ll find yourself drinking 2x the amount of water.
  3. Lemon Lemon Lemon
    An oldie but goodie. Drink hot water with lemon or add a big squeeze into your water jug.

I hope this helps!