In my last fitness and nutrition challenge, there was confusion on what could and could not be eaten. This inspired me to create a healthy shopping list.

All of the foods listed are approved for the fitness challenge, and life. When you go to the grocery store, pick good staples, foods that will keep you on track for your goals. When you’re stressed after work, or running late, or just not in the mood, it’s crucial to have a well-stocked kitchen of foods you can eat without hating yourself. You feel me?

The foods listed are delicious, but also beneficial. You can eat these foods and achieve your fitness goals. You have free reign of fruits and vegetables. (I only listed the most popular, but you can eat all of them.)

If you are overweight or want to lose weight, be discerning when eating healthy but caloric foods. These areas can be dangerous if one is not mindful. Almonds are healthy; a whole bag of almonds is not.

healthy shopping list

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Healthy Shopping List | What to Eat for Weight Loss