Referral Program

Free Online Workout with Angel Fit and Hungry

At Fit & Hungry, we believe in working with people we genuinely enjoy. (You should like your trainer and your trainer should like you!) Through relationships with incredible clients, I have been fortunate enough to work on amazing projects over the years. Now I want to reward my dedicated clients, and also connect with new ones.

Fit and Hungry Referral Program

For any project or client you introduce to F&H that results in a package purchase, you’ll get a free online personal training session.  If you refer 5 clients within 30 days, you’ll get 10 free sessions. This applies even if you haven’t worked with me.

If you’re an existing client who spreads the love and connects me to new business, I offer the same referral bonus as well as long-term discounts on fitness packages.

Who should I send to you?

Working with clients all over the world, I am interested in people and organizations committed to becoming better, who value quality, culture, and time well spent. More importantly, do they have a sense of humor? 🙂

How should I make referrals?

Instruct your referral to fill out the intake questionnaire. At the end of the form, it will ask how they heard about the program. That is where they put your name. Alternatively, you can send me an email about your referral.