Day 2 June Fitness Challenge

fit and hungry fitness challenge angel r stoneWelcome to Day 2 of the June fitness challenge. If you haven’t done Day 1, you still have time. There are 4 workouts and 7 days. You’re not behind. Today is a new day. Stay with me.


This workout has timed intervals. You will need a timer app or you can use an online timer, like Fitlb. You can also go old school and use a stopwatch.

  1. High Knee Run + RDL
  2. Deep Overhead Squat + Superman Clapback
  3. Burpee (pushup optional) + Up Over Leg Swings
  4. Skater Jumps + Plank Hip Extension

For group #1, do 30 seconds of each exercise. Alternate between the two exercises until you’ve done 10 sets. Take a break. Then start group #2.

Time to complete: 23-25 minutes.

IMPORTANT: This workout is short. Make it count. You need to push hard every 30 seconds. If you don’t, the workout will be too easy. You should finish feeling sweaty yet invigorated. I was strangely happy after this one.

A video explanation and demonstration are below.


Guidelines are the same: walk in the opposite direction of alcohol and processed foods. Walk tall.

  • Focus on bigger portions of vegetables.
  • If you’re forgetting to eat, put an alarm on your phone.
  • Know your weakness and have a system in place. (Last night I had 3 cups of tea to fight my literal sugar daddy.)


If you have questions, doubts, or want to celebrate a win, I’m here for it.


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free fitness challenge angel r stoneAngel Stone, Fit & Hungry

Angel is the ringleader at Fit & Hungry. She writes about fitness, travel, and living the good life. Her favorite things are soft boiled eggs, house parties, and running in the rain. She currently offers coaching calls and online personal training to all dope queens.

25 Replies to “Day 2 June Fitness Challenge“

  1. This workout is so crazy! The 20 mins went by fast but again with the sweating!!! My hips and legs are sore af but I feel good! Are any of these exercises intended to slim hips and thighs? If so, i’ll do them forever!!!! <3

  2. Sooo I did this. I’m still grimacing as I walk up the stairs, and letting out moans as I try to sit down. Smh. Gets awkward at times.

  3. @Amy. You hit it on the head. When I was testing the workouts, my butt cheeks were sore for 3 days. I loved it.

  4. My butt cheeks don’t get the workouts I thought they were getting, because after two days – sitting isn’t comfortable! lol.

  5. @Lauren. You have 2 workouts left this week and 4 days left in the week. You could not do tomorrow and still be in the game.

  6. Today is my regularly scheduled and desperately needed rest day from my other workout. So I chose to focus on Mobility and Flexibility with a Pilates-Yoga hybrid. I’m nervous about tomorrow because I’m usually out the door by the time the workout posts. And I have evening plans. Don’t know where I’m going to fit in day 4!!!!!

  7. @Polly Ha ha! I’ve been waiting for someone to mention the clapbacks!! Those suckers are hard.

  8. @Carrie. 20 seconds is nothing. I blame it on the wind. 🙂 Rotiss Chicken is a pass. Keep going, love.

  9. Got my assessment mile in; 20 seconds slower than five years ago. Did today’s workout and what I can tell you is I’ve got the sweaty part down.
    I’m not sure if rotisserie chicken is a pass or fail . . .

  10. @Candace. My answer is still, ‘no, i’m not trying to kill’. Also, you get extra points for doing under those weather conditions. xo

  11. I did it, & posted my comment immediately after. I felt then & feel now like I’m going to die. It doesn’t help that the heat index in & outside my gym is prob 100+. The workout at first glance is totally deceiving!

  12. @Candace. It’s 20 minutes. I can’t kill you in 20 minutes. And if I did, your kids would kill ME. Do it, Candace. Doooooo it.

  13. @Emma. I got goosepumps reading your message. Keep going, miss thang. We’re here for and with you!

  14. The first day workout was ROUGH for this 53 yr old body…but I pushed and I did 3 sets. I am excited because this is truly what I needed to get back to an active life !!!

  15. @sania typing on this phone will kill me!!! Do what’s in the video, skater and plank. I will change text. Thank you for catching that.

  16. Hey babe. Need clarification. Your notes above state side lunges and pike-push-ups for last set of exercises but your video demo has skater lunges and Plank with hip extension as last set. Which one did you want us to do?

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