Malaysia more 005Malaysia is a wonderfully diverse country. They have beaches, tea plantations, mountains, and cities. Each part is so different (the west is nothing like the east), it’s impossible to sum it up. So I won’t.

This is my photo collection of urban life, in Malaysia’s most popular cities, Kuala Lumpur and Penang. It’s proof that cities can be charming and that “different” is good for the soul.

Malaysia more 001The graffiti.

malay3malay2 malay18

The sleepy.

malay11The appreciation for live music.

Malaysia_liveThe running park.

malay9malay5 The culture.

malay6The innocence.

malay23The men wearing skirts.

malay15The tourists riding bikes.

penag8The teenagers being teenagers.

malay24The Hoe.penag6 The Giant.malay28The Malcolm.

malay31The food.malay41The love inside.malay44The language. (“Jam” means ‘”hour”. 24 jam. I love it!)

malay40The friendship.

malay22 The love. penag4The dedication.

penag3The beauty.


Looking at these photos makes me smile all over again. Thank you, Malaysia.

Bonus: Here’s a video of a band I saw performing on the street. I was blown away by the lead vocalist! Not only are the musicians talented but the crowds are so appreciative. In all the countries I’ve been, including the U.S., I’ve never seen people more respectful of live music than I did in Malaysia. (Also, the band is blind.)

Go to Malaysia.

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ween · 03/23/2016 at 11:47 pm

My fave part is 24 Jam.

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