6 eye-opening videos on fitness, success, and relationships

Whether you’re looking for direction or need motivation to keep going , this is for you. These are my favorite videos on workouts, creativity, intimacy, plateaus, and job satisfaction. I watch these when I need motivation to stay on course. Highly recommend. Fitness Shawn Stevenson is an incredibly smart, non-pretentious fitness guru (re: unicorn). He…

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You need to know.

I’ve been in the fitness industry for almost 2 decades. There are wonderful benefits to being part of a community that wants you to live longer and get stronger. But. Fitness is not a trillion dollar industry by accident. They know your insecurities and use that knowledge to take your money, and keep you insecure.…

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My Letter To You

coaching calls

Hey Homie, I’m here to help you navigate the saturated fitness world. I will give you actionable ideas to improve your health and performance. And I will show you how to get results, without giving up french fries. 🙂 You don’t have to deprive yourself to lose fat. You absolutely don’t have to be on 1200 calorie…

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