angel r stone and eat breadA common misconception within the health and fitness industry is you have to eliminate bread to achieve body goals. True and not true. You can eat bread and have a banging body. But you can’t eat all the bread, all the time. And your genes play a huge role in how much bread you can eat without getting fat. **I lived in SE Asia for 2 years where carbs are a staple of the diet. I ate like them for awhile, but eventually I had to go back to salads. I couldn’t get away with it the way they could.

Questions about bread

If I eat bread, but no one sees me, did it happen?
Is it bad to eat it everyday?
What about every other day?
How do I stop eating bread?
How do I stop wanting to eat bread?
How do I stop thinking about wanting to eat bread?
How Sway?!?!?!?!

Bread and Struggles

I didn’t receive my honorary bread addiction (specifically, croissants) until I arrived in Europe. For you non-Europe people, you don’t know good bread until you’ve been to Europe. Trust. Everyday I have to walk by a hole in the wall bakery selling fresh bread for 25 cents. Am I just supposed to walk by??! How am I supposed to be strong when I’m weak?!

I’m so weak, I made a video about it.

Can you relate?

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Angel · 06/21/2017 at 12:52 pm

@Jennifer. Whole 30 is a smart move. I believe all of this nutrition stuff/blocks is in our heads.

Jennifer · 06/19/2017 at 8:45 pm

I can definitely relate! Bread for 25 cents?! Of course you have to eat it!

Over halfway through my second Whole30 and this time it was much more difficult than when I did it the first time two years ago. I had really gone off the rails! I do feel much better with less bread, pasta, grains

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