Welcome to day 12 where you choose how to move. Do something you enjoy. Do something you need. Do something.

It’s Your Workout

Pick an activity based on your current status. Does your body feel tense? Try yoga, flexibility, or mobility training. Are YOU feeling tense? Let those worries free in a dance class. Are you sore all over? Take a long walk and an epsom salt bath. Do you feel great? Keep the momentum going. Do something that makes you feel good.

If this is your “rest” day, you still have to move, especially if you have a desk job. A rest day is a break from high intensity, high impact, and hard workouts. “Rest” doesn’t mean “stop”. Fit movement into your day. Maybe take a walk around the office on your lunch break or do an ab workout when you get home.

Your goal today: move.

It’s Your Nutrition

Eat foods that make you feel good. Eat foods from the earth. Use spices and herbs to accentuate everything. Cinnamon on apples. Cayenne pepper on eggs. Mint in your salad.

It’s Your Choice

Make decisions that keep you in the direction you want to go.

xo, Angel
angel stone black fitness trainer