The benefits of having Jay as a husband are far-reaching. He’s a genius; he’s got a goofy laugh; and he likes red wine. And, he produces music that evokes every emotion possible. On his most recent gift to mankind, he produced a CD to fit every workout possible. (Probably not his intention but that’s what happened.) Thus, with him by her side, Beyonce will always be ‘working it out’. And so will we.

According to hip hop gurus, Blueprint 3 is “average”. As the resident fitness guru, I disagree. Blueprint 3 is above average – if you use it for your gym routine. It is the best Jay Z CD for gym workouts. There’s a song for every intensity, every modality, every body. Trust Me.

The 5 best workout songs on Blueprint 3

1. A Star Is Born is best for sauntering in and out of the gym.
2. D. O. A. is best for getting pumped up. Oh my gawd, I’m about to burn a hole in this treadmill, the whole gym ’bout to wonder who I am and how many medals I have won. Or something like that.
3. On To the Next One featuring Swizz Beats is best for anything that requires power, speed, and lungs. Read: box jumps, burpees, sprint intervals, hill repeats.
4. So Ambitious featuring Pharell is best for easy running; intervals on the elliptical; and booty-building stair stepping.
5. Venus vs. Mars is best for stretching. And other things.

What do you say? What ONE album has a plethora of songs suitable for exercising?

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