No one wants a slow metabolism. You want it fast. Fast enough to allow a cheeseburger and some Prosecco every now and then. Without consequence.

Can I get an amen?

After 30, I noticed I couldn’t do the same things and get the same results. One day, 5lbs showed up and I panicked. Remove thyself! My normal strategy didn’t work so I analyzed, and adjusted, my workouts. (Nutrition matters but that’s another post.) My body started responding in a positive way, getting leaner. This can happen for you, too.

Try these exercises to increase fat loss and improve metabolism.

1. Jumping Jacks
This cardio move has been around for centuries, and it’s not going anywhere. It’s accessible, kids and papas can do it. It increases blood flow. And it supports full body conditioning.

2. Mountain Climbers
When someone loves you too much, it’s overwhelming. Not that you don’t appreciate it, you just need a break. This is how you feel after 90 seconds of mountain climbers.

3. Skater Jumps
Improves your balance. Strengthens your ankles. Pops thy booty. Angel tip: Jump further. Land softer. Make it smooth like butter.

4. Burpees
You hate them, I know. But if you want better lungs, cute arms, and flatter abs, this is the express train. All aboard.

5. Sprints
Lungs, abs, legs, oh my! This is the ultimate exercise for fat loss and metabolism shifts. It doesn’t get any better than this. If you do nothing else, run for your life.

sprinting drills to speed up metabolism

6. Star Jumps
You have to squat down low, then jump in the air spreading your limbs out wide. These are fun for about 3 reps. Then it’s like, whoa.

7. Inchworms
This is crazy beneficial before a workout. Use it to lubricate your hamstrings, abdominals, and lower back. Nice and slow, that’s how I like it.

8. Windshield Wipers
Why don’t more people do this?! It’s mad versatile. It’s a warm up. It’s ab training. It’s a mobility drill for your back.

9. Pop Ups
You’ll feel it in your stomach and thighs, but not equally. You’ll feel it more where you’re weakest. Do it with knees bent or legs straight. Both will get you to the goal.

10. Reverse Crunches
An oldie but goodie that works the abdominal muscles. Play around with leg position to add fuel to the fire, or extinguish it. Do 25 reps, take a break, do 25 more.

11. Superman
Do you sit all day? After hours of compromised hips and rounded shoulders, this is what your body needs. If you feel stiff executing this move, do more. It means there’s work to be done.

12. Butterfly Sit Ups
You can’t use your legs, so the core gets more attention. Angel tip: use a good mat. Butt crack wounds are a thing.

13. Bird Dog
This doesn’t look or feel exciting – which is why most people don’t do it. If you want good posture and a good backside, don’t follow the crowd. Blaze your own trail.

14. Lying Leg Lifts
Another tried and true ab exercise, with a touch of quads. Keep your lower back on the ground, not arched like a seductress. Try the single leg variation to change it up.

15. Side Planks
It’s nice when you feel the muscle working and don’t have to ask, “What is this working?”. Obliques. These can be done resting on your palm or elbow, feet stacked or nah.

16. Pike Pushups
This exercise will target the ‘back fat’ area. That hard to reach place that sits around your bra. Note: Your butt will be in the air, so check your surroundings.

17. Down Dog to Up Dog
Wake up your body. Stretch your calves. Nurture your core. And move slowly. Melt into it. Enjoy. Back problems? Skip the up dog.

18. Reverse Fly
I want impeccable form. Arms out. Thumbs up. Belly in. As you pause at the top, envision there’s a bunch of gummy bears between your shoulder blades. Squish them.

19. High to Low Plank
Your shoulders and triceps will scream, “Why?!?!” Ignore them; You have a metabolism to fix! This exercise will cause some rocking in the hips. Minimize it.

20. T-Pushups
It’s the standard pushup with a unilateral twist. It’s good for core stability and arm strength. Up for a challenge? Stack your feet. Weak wrists? Do fewer repetitions.

21. Side Lunges
I never feel these in the moment. The next day? Oh hey, inner thighs, I didn’t realize you did anything. Try them stationary and traveling – you’ll see different results.

22. Squats
Unless you’re a toddler, there’s a 73% chance you’re not squatting properly. With your torso upright, squat down, breathe, and push through your heels. Don’t you dare let those knees cave in.

23. RDL
If you master the technique, your hamstrings and glutes will blossom. The unilateral work is mad beneficial, but challenging. Don’t fall.

24. Single leg squat
This move will be easy or incredibly hard. It works strength, balance, and mobility. New to this? Squat to a chair. Rockstar? Do pistols, then send me a pic. I want to hang you on my fridge.

25. Glute Bridges
You know what female inmates do in their cells? These. In tiny spaces, choose this to train your glutes and relieve lower back discomfort. Also. Stay out of trouble.

26. Split Squat
This is one of my favorites for butt and legs because it burns. It only takes a few minutes to realize you’re weak. Weak! Tip: Getting into position, and staying there, is tricky. Focus, homie.

27. Fire Hydrants
Remember when we used to make fun of Jane Fonda for doing the dog move in her videos? Now, guess what everyone is doing for a better butt? The dog move! Thank you, Jane. You were right.

To see a demonstration of all the exercises, watch the video below. If you’re afraid of these exercises, try my new series of workouts for beginners. And, if you like working out at home and would like to have workouts already planned for you, including a schedule and nutrition tasks, try my free ‘14-day fitness plan’.

Okay, that was a lot. Now, go forth and werk. -Angel

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